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April-May, 2006
Filming The Nanny Diaries in New York

July 28, 2006
Scoop released in the US

September 15, 2006
The Black Dahlia released in the US

Current Projects

Match Point
Status Out on DVD
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Status To be released 7/28
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The Black Dahlia
Status To be released 9/15
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Status Post-Production
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The Nanny Diaries
Status Currently filming
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Status Filming begins in June
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Napoleon and Betsy
Status Announced
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Site Information

Name Riikka
Age 22
Residence Scotland
Favorite films Lost Highway, Lost in Translation, Brokeback Mountain, Holy Smoke, Donnie Darko
Interests 1940s/1950s, pin-up, indie cinema, film-making, brit pop, travelling, languanges, history
Top 5 Scarlett roles Lost in Translation, Ghost World, A Love Song for Bobby Long, Manny & Lo, Girl with a Pearl Earring

I was born in Finland but I am currently reciding in Scotland where I study Film and Hispanic Studies at a university. I am an aspiring film-maker. I love quirky, off-beat, obscure and ground-breaking indie films and am obsessed with David Lynch's stuff.

I first noticed Scarlett Johansson when The Horse Whisperer came out back in 1998. I was intriqued by Scarlett because she was my age and yet so accomplished. I did not really become a 'fan' until I saw her subtle and lovely performance in Lost in Translation but I have been following her career very closely ever since. I even had the chance to meet her a couple of times at the Venice Film Festival back in 2004. I think Scarlett is one of the most promising actresses of her generation who already has so many amazing movies on her belt.

Name Mel
Age 18
Residence Germany
Favorite films Lost in Translation, Ghost World, Cruel Intentions, Kill Bill Vol. 1, The Phantom Of The Opera
Interests Webdesign, movies, ice cream, the deep sea, fish, Chile, languages, opera, dancing
Top 5 Scarlett roles Lost in Translation, Ghost World, Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Perfect Score, The Man Who Wasn't There

I became a fan of Scarlett after seeing her in Lost In Translation. I was captured immediately by the strength and beauty of her performance, and wanted to see more movies with her - needless to say, with every movie I saw my love for this young actress grew and until today I have seen pretty much every project of hers. Not only do I believe that Scarlett is one of the greatest and most promising actresses working today, I also love her unique style and humour. She is in many ways an inspiration to me.

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