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Read 2003/09/01 | IMDb Interview S. Coppola and S. Johansson | Internet Interviews
from the Internet Movie Database / by Keith Simanton
Sofia Coppola is every bit as comely as that New York Magazine cover made her look. She does not look all that much like this, which she must have approved but God knows why; it looks like a page from a Hugo Boss ad portfolio. She's attractive, reserved but not shy, and approachable. Rumors of her stand-offish or surly behavior must have been started by bores.
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Read 2003/08/01 | Fire in my Brain | Magazines Articles & Interviews
from Black Book / by Madison Slade
Scarlett Johansson has a lot on her mind - good thing she has Sofia Coppola to give her a platform in the follow-up to The Virgin Suicides.
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Read 2003/06/25 | Canvas to page to film | Girl with a Pearl Earring
from The Globe and Mail
Before she put pen to paper, author Tracy Chevalier sat quietly with the Girl with a Pearl Earring -- often called the Dutch Mona Lisa -- in the Mauritshuis section of The Hague.
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Read 2003/05/01 | first look | Girl with a Pearl Earring
from Premiere Magazine May 2003
Dressed in a turquoise corduroy suit and sporting a shoulder-length mop of hair, the great Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (Firth) is in the midst of a turbulent domestic scene with his wife (Davis), who has discovered that the servant girl, Griet (Johansson), has modeled for him - wearing her earrings. Quite a scandal, if you live in 17th-century Delft.
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Read 2002/08/01 | Their Freak is On | Magazines Articles & Interviews
from Seventeen, August 2002 / Movie Phone
We got Eight Legged Freaks' costars David Arquette, 30, and ScarIeltJohansson, 17, on the line and listened in as they talked about their new flick, their love of The Rock and the four-legged creatures that rule their worlds.
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Read 2002/07/21 | Scarlett Johansson: Cool Freak | Internet Interviews
from TeenHollywood.Com / by Lynn Barker
Actress Scarlett Johansson just graduated from high school and is digging all the freedom. When we spoke with her in Los Angeles, she was sporting a delicate silver nose ring, a cute black skirt, well-worn tennies and blue nail polish. She curled her feet up under her in a chair and, in a very casual and self-assured manner, told us about working in her first effects film Eight Legged Freaks.
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Read 2002/07/17 | Scarlett Johansson Talks About "Eight Legged Freaks" | Internet Interviews
from / by Rebecca Murray
Since her breakthrough role in Robert Redford's "The Horse Whisperer," Scarlett Johansson has gone on to star in critically acclaimed films including "The Man Who Wasn't There" and the cult fave, "Ghost World."
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Read 2002/07/17 | The 'Eight Legged Freaks' Premiere | Internet Articles
from ComingSoon
At the premiere of Eight Legged Freaks, we caught up with the film's femme fatales. First was Kari Wuhrer, who plays the town sheriff. Blasting away at mutant spiders with a shotgun, Wuhrer found her action heroine experience empowering.
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Read 2002/07/17 | Interview Scarlett Johansson | Internet Interviews
from Cinematic Happenings under Development / by Smilin' Jack Ruby
Though she's only 17 (born in 1984 on the twentieth anniversary of Oswald's assassination of JFK, November 22nd), Scarlett Johansson is already something of a major talent and one to watch for in the future. With critically hailed performances last year in The Man Who Wasn't There and Ghost World, Scarlett is well on her way to escaping the child-star yoke that she started under with appearances in North, Just Cause, If Lucy Fell, Home Alone 3 and then a break-out performance in The Horse Whisperer.
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Read 2002/06/01 | Spider Woman | Magazines Articles & Interviews
from Allure, June / by by Cara Birnbaum
Riding horses alongside Robert Redford, sharing the stage with Ethan Hawke, and knowing Billy Bob Thornton well enough to call him Billy Bob would be bragging points for any seasoned actor. Scarlett Johansson, 17, has already checked off all three. With this month's release of Eight Legged Freaks, she adds man-eating spiders to her list of larger-than-life costars.
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Read 2002/05/01 | Scarlett Johansson - The new queen of indie | Magazines Articles & Interviews
from Buzzine Magazine, May 2002 / by Steve Baltin
It might have seemed as if 18-year-old Scarlett Johansson came from nowhere to enter the elite of Hollywood's teen acting crowd in 2001. However, with critically lauded roles in such films as The Horse Whisperer (directed by Robert Redford), the indie favorite Manny and Lo, and Just Cause (in which she played Sean Connery's daughter), Johansson has been a young star to watch for a while.
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Read 2002/04/02 | The Gertrudis Award | Internet Articles
2001's Gertrudis Award is awarded to Scarlett Johnasson. After an outstanding year during which Scarlett starred in not one, or two, but three independent films, it seemed natural to present her with our breakout award.
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Read 2002/04/01 | Can the King of Wrestling Pin Hollywood? | Magazines Articles & Interviews
from Interview Magazine, April 2002 / BY Scarlett Johansson
Climbing out of the ring and onto the screen, Dwayne Johnson, better known by his World Wrestling Federation moniker, The Rock, is April's biggest breakout story.
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Read 2002/03/29 | Porträt Scarlett Johansson | Deutsch
Glaubt man Robert Redford, dann ist Scarlett Johansson eine reife Frau. Der selbst schon etwas knittrige Star bezeichnete seine junge Schauspielkollegin als Teenager, der auf die Vierzig zugeht. Auch Scarletts Mutter kann sich die Ernsthaftigkeit ihrer 17-jährigen Tochter nur erklären, indem sie in ihr die weise Seele einer Siebzigjährigen vermutet. Scarlett selbst hält sich hingegen für ziemlich normal und verweist gerne darauf, dass schließlich nicht alle Jugendlichen automatisch gehirnamputierte Shopping-Junkies sein müssten, auch wenn sie das Gefühl hat, dass die meisten amerikanischen Drehbuchautoren genau das glauben.
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Read 2001/12/01 | Scarlett Johansson Here To Stay | Magazines Articles & Interviews
from Venice Magazine, December / January / by Steve Baltin
After a breakout performance opposite Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi in this summer’s official cool flick, Ghost World, 18-year-old Scarlett Johansson follows that role by co-starring with a role that should cement her status as one of the fastest-rising young actresses in Hollywood. Appearing with Oscar winners Billy Bob Thornton and Frances McDormand in the Coen brothers’ latest vehicle, The Man Who Wasn’t There, Johansson nearly steals the film as the intriguing young ingénue Birdy, with whom Thornton becomes infatuated.
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