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Read 2003/09/23 | A Flawless "Translation" | Lost in Translation
from ContactMusic / by Rob Blackwelder
Writer-director Sofia Coppola creates a platonic romance of lyrical subtlety in brilliant, personal second film
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Read 2003/09/01 | Lost in Translation | Lost in Translation
from Phase9 Entertainment 2003 / by S Felce
Sofia Coppola wanted to make a movie about Japan and wanted Bill Murray to play the lead role. That’s all she knew when she start writing the script for LOST IN TRANSLATION. Together with the female star of the movie, Scarlett Johansson and producer Ross Katz, Sofia Coppola meets the English Press at London’s Dorchester Hotel.
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Read 2003/09/01 | Official interview with Sofia Coppola and Ross Katz | Lost in Translation
from the official site
Sofia, the vantage point of a young woman has been a constant in the work you've done so far. But here, working with Bill Murray, you explore the older man's as well…
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