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Read 2006/03/02 | Point is, I'm no match for tennis: Scarlett | Internet Articles
From / By ninemsn staff
Hollywood bombshell Scarlett Johansson says she doesn't like her character in Woody Allen's new movie, Match Point, but she enjoyed working with the cinema legend.
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Read 2006/03/02 | Frankly, Scarlett | Internet Articles
From Los Angeles Times / By Valli Herman
Johansson finally speaks out about that Mizrahi Globes grope.
This article was read 125 times

Read 2006/02/07 | Scarlett the sum of many parts | Internet Articles
From The Sun-Herald / by Annabel Crabb
Her latest role is that of unambiguous sex symbol, but let's not forget Scarlett Johansson's other assets, Annabel Crabb writes. Eye-popping ... Match Point star Scarlett Johansson admits her breasts are 'the stars of the film, really'.
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Read 2006/01/30 | Rewind: Scarlett Johansson Grows Up (And Only Gets Better) Right Before Our Eyes | Internet Articles
from MTV.Com / by Karl Heitmueller
'A Good Woman'? Heck, we're ready to call the 'Match Point' star great.
This article was read 18 times

Read 2005/11/22 | Scarlett Woman | Internet Articles
from HelloMagazine.Com
Hollywood's hottest starlet turns 21. Within the space of just two years Scarlett Johansson has gone from precocious talent to an A-list star who ranks Robert Redford and Woody Allen among her admirers. So hot has the New Yorker become in fact, she has joined that elite coterie of fellow celebs who need no surname to be accorded instant recognition. Here we salute the Golden Globe-nominee as she celebrates a landmark birthday.
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Read 2005/11/18 | Rhys Meyers and Johansson on M:i:III | Internet Articles
from ComingSoon.Net / by Edward Douglas had a chance to talk to actors Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Scarlett Johansson, stars of Woody Allen's new thriller Match Point, and we wanted to know what they thought about the upcoming "three-quel" Mission: Impossible 3. After all, Johansson was originally slated to appear in the film under the previous director Joe Carnahan, and Rhys Meyers is on board for the film's current incarnation, which should be one of next year's big films.
This article was read 4 times

Read 2005/09/14 | Perfect for Scarlett | Internet Articles
From Evening Standard (UK) / by Laura Craik
New York fashion week is as much about who's in the front row as about the clothes. But while every second designer has Paris Hilton, only Roland Mouret can boast of Scarlett Johansson.
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Read 2005/07/28 | Paparazzi makes Scarlett see red | Internet Articles
from AAP
Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson says overzealous paparazzi should be arrested and prosecuted as stalkers.
This article was read 23 times

Read 2005/07/13 | Johansson not afraid of London shoot | Internet Articles
from Edmonton Sun / by Steve Tilley
NEW YORK -- Scarlett Johansson isn't British, but she can still keep a stiff upper lip. And a moist, supple, inviting upper lip it is.
This article was read 13 times

Read 2005/07/11 | Run, Scarlett, Run! | Internet Articles
from The Insider Online
Brainy beauty SCARLETT JOHANSSON gets quite a workout in the upcoming summer action thriller 'The Island'! The artful blonde gets chased nonstop throughout most of this futuristic thriller, which takes place inside a clandestine bubble city with a terrible secret.
This article was read 6 times

Read 2005/05/28 | Why Ewan Is Hollywood’s Favourite Leading Man by Scarlett Johansson His Latest Leading Lady | Internet Articles
from Daily Record
She's the latest in a long line of A-list actresses to sing the handsome Mr McGregor's praises after working with him - it's a familiar story
This article was read 8 times

Read 2005/05/23 | NS-Profile: Scarlett Johansson | Internet Articles
from New Statesman / By Zoe Williams
The Fifties ideal of sexuality was serious: less flesh, more promise. That's Scarlett's secret, too. Scarlett Johansson profiled by Zoe Williams
This article was read 14 times

Read 2005/03/15 | Scarlett J for 'Indiana Jones'? | Internet Articles
from TeenToday.Co.Uk
Scarlett Johansson has been lined up for the next 'Indiana Jones' movie after being handpicked by Tom Cruise. The beautiful starlet is set to play Harrison Ford's sexy sidekick, after Cruise pleaded her case to legendary director Steven Spielberg on the set of 'War Of The Worlds'.
This article was read 4 times

Read 2005/03/08 | Benicio re-opens sex with Scarlett rumour | Internet Articles
from Ananova
Benicio Del Toro says he honestly cannot recall if he had sex with Scarlett Johansson in a lift or not.
This article was read 24 times

Read 2005/03/04 | Johansson Impresses Andrew Lloyd Webber With Musical Knowledge | Internet Articles
from ContactMusic
SCARLETT JOHANSSON impressed composer ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER at the post OSCAR parties on Sunday (27FEB05) with her extensive knowledge of musical theatre.
This article was read 6 times

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