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Read 2006/01/27 | Scarlett Johansson | Internet Interviews
from Merced / By Joey Berlin
Scarlett Johansson's success is proof there is justice in the world, or at least in Hollywood. The pretty New Yorker made her first big-screen breakthrough at age 14 opposite Robert Redford in "The Horse Whisperer," and it was already clear she was the real deal. Just 21 years old now, Johansson has already graduated to featured roles in major movies such as "The Island."
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Read 2006/01/06 | The Versatile Voice of Scarlett Johansson | Internet Interviews
from The Harvard Crimson / By Ben B. Chung
It would not be unfair to say that Scarlett Johansson would not have an acting career without her voice. It’s a voice that simultaneously effuses mature confidence and naïve incorruptibility. It takes you to dangerous depths of doesn’t-she-look-a-little-young curiosity. It makes you wonder if, as a youth, Scarlett’s parents took a big strip of sandpaper and ground that voice from a perfect diamond down into a rough-cut masterpiece.
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Read 2005/12/29 | INT: Johansson / Rhys-Meyers | Internet Interviews
From / By Thomas Leupp
Woody Allen’s the type of director that actors fall all over themselves to work with. Doesn’t matter what the script looks like (the actors rarely get to see his scripts in their entirety); when Woody calls, they come running. And they’re willing work for next to nothing.
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Read 2005/12/27 | Perfect “Match”: Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers | Internet Interviews
from TeenHollywood.Com / by Lynn Barker
Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was the soccer coach all the girls were crushin’ on in Bend It Like Beckham and even played the young King of rock and roll “Elvis” on T.V. You’ll see him next year co-starring with Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible III. Gorgeous Scarlett Johansson was banished to The Island last summer and won great critical acclaim for her role as a transplanted American in Lost in Translation. She’ll soon hit screens in the crime drama The Black Dahlia opposite Josh Hartnett but this month, catch the hot duo as obsessive lovers in Woody Allen’s romantic drama with a twist Match Point.
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Read 2005/12/25 | Woody Allen's New Favorite Actress Talks About Making "Match Point" | Internet Interviews
from Movies.About.Com / by Rebecca Murray
Scarlett Johansson plays an American actress at the center of a love triangle in writer/director Woody Allen's "Match Point." Johannson stars as Nola, a struggling actress who is engaged to the very wealthy, upper-class Tom Hewett (Matthew Goode). But it's Tom's new friend Chris (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) who makes her warm all over.
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Read 2005/12/25 | Busy Johansson Talks 'Prestige,' 'Amazon' and More | Internet Interviews
from Zap2It.Com / by Daniel Fienberg
Talk about Scarlett Fever. In the course of just over a month this winter, 21-year-old Scarlett Johansson popped up in the Hollywood industry trade papers at least five times, tied to a different upcoming film project each time.
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Read 2005/12/25 | Scarlett from the heart | Internet Interviews
From New York Daily News / by Joe Neumaier
America's hottest young star speaks up on life, love, acting, New York City & Woody Allen
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Read 2005/12/22 | Interview: Scarlett Johansson | Internet Interviews
from DarkHorizons / By Paul Fischer
With the Golden Globes looming and the awards season in full swing, Woody Allen's Match Point is shaping up as a strong contender, with star Scarlett Johansson a favourite as a Best Actress winner. This often sardonic tale of adultery and infidelity offers food for thought, and causes the beautiful actress to ponder on monogamy in Hollywood.

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Read 2005/12/21 | Interview: Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers | Internet Interviews
from IGN.Com / by IGN Staff
A discussion with the two stars of Woody Allen's Match Point.
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Read 2005/12/09 | Johansson and Rhys Meyers: Game and Match | Internet Interviews
from ComingSoon.Net / by Edward Douglas
Less than ten months after mixing comedy and drama in Melinda and Melinda, Woody Allen is back with a movie that takes a very different approach than his recent spate of comedies. recently spoke to the two stars of Woody Allen's first films in years that doesn't have his distinctive watermark and might make people wonder whether this is indeed the same Woody Allen who directed so many light comedies.
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Read 2005/07/24 | Johansson - 20, Hot and on Top | Internet Interviews
from San Francisco Chronicle / by Ron Dicker
The slopes of the ingenue heap are littered with the best of intentions and the worst of press. While postadolescents such as Lindsay Lohan struggle for thespian props amid the gossip they generate, Scarlett Johansson has cruised into adulthood.
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Read 2005/07/21 | Scarlett Johansson | Internet Interviews
from Long Island Press / by Prairie Miller
Scarlett Johansson has spent most of her very full 20 years, at least her working ones, as basically an indie kind of girl. So the biggest question during this press meet for the The Island, Michael Bay's futuristic thriller about rebel clones, was what turned her on about going for a big action movie.
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Read 2005/07/21 | Scarlett Escapes to The Island | Internet Interviews
from Coming Soon! / by Edward Douglas
As a teenager, actress Scarlett Johansson got attention for her subtle performances in quirky independent films like Terry Zwygoff's Ghost World and the Coen Brothers' The Man Who Wasn't There, but it wasn't until 2003 when she starred opposite Bill Murray in Sophia Coppola's Lost in Translation as well as playing the lead in Girl with a Pearl Earring, where people really started taking her seriously as an actress. Somehow, she was overlooked for an Oscar nomination, but everyone agreed that she was an actress to watch.
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Read 2005/07/20 | Interview: Michael Bay and Scarlett Johansson | Internet Interviews
from Film IGN / by Jeff Otto
A talk with the director and star of The Island.
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Read 2005/07/18 | Scarlett Johansson on "The Island" | Internet Interviews
from Cinema Confidential / by Thomas Chau & Sean Chavel
Scarlett spoke to press in both Los Angeles and New York City recently and below is what she had to say to myself and Sean Chavel.
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