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Read 2004/01/11 | 'Pearl Earring' caps banner year for Scarlett Johansson | Girl with a Pearl Earring
from Tri City Herald / by Joe Baltake
Scarlett Johansson resembles a young Liv Ullmann in Peter Webber's exquisite debut film, "Girl With a Pearl Earring," which makes her just about perfect, at least physically, for its title role.
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Read 2003/12/27 | An earring & an enigma | Girl with a Pearl Earring
from Mercury News / by Bruce Newman
For most of the film ``Girl With a Pearl Earring,'' Griet -- the young housemaid played by Scarlett Johansson -- keeps her hair concealed in a swaddling scarf, a headpiece of such elaborate design that you begin to wonder if she might be bald.
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Read 2003/12/18 | Girl with a Pearl Earring | Girl with a Pearl Earring
from Phase9 Entertainment / by Susan Hodgetts
Scarlett Johansson is being lauded as a future Hollywood megastar at the tender age of 18. She seems wise beyond her years as she breezes into the room all swept back bleach blonde hair and a black v-neck cross top. Witty and fresh yet already with a world-weary attitude, her maturity is surprising and she clearly has a sensible head on her shoulders. But it's producer Andy Paterson who speaks first.
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Read 2003/12/15 | Her Story | Girl with a Pearl Earring
from The New Yorker / By Anthony Lane
How many of today’s actresses would be prepared to step into the shoes of Griet, the eponymous heroine of “Girl with a Pearl Earring”? And how many would pull out once they realized that the shoes were, in fact, clogs? All credit to Scarlett Johansson, then, not only for taking the role but for devising a superbly inelegant walk—flat, clumping, and determined, the gait of a woman who has been bred to labor for a living wage and to expect nothing more. Yet something more is sprung upon her.
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Read 2003/12/11 | Girl with a Pearl Earring | Girl with a Pearl Earring
from IGN / by Jeff Otto
An Interview with the Director and Stars of Girl with a Pearl Earring
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Read 2003/12/08 | Smoldering Daughter of Delft: Fleshing Out Vermeer | Girl with a Pearl Earring
from The New York Times / By Alan Riding
With great portraits it is usually the painter, not the painted, who is remembered: even emperors, kings and popes take second place when Titian, Rubens or Velázquez portray them. Yet a few unidentified models, Leonardo's Mona Lisa or Goya's Maja among them, have become icons. And now, thanks to a best-selling novel and a new movie, Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring" may be joining them.
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Read 2003/12/01 | A Masterpiece About A Masterpiece | Girl with a Pearl Earring
from Contact Music
Breathtaking 'Girl With a Pearl Earring' imagines the inspiration for Vermeer's greatest work
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Read 2003/12/01 | Production Story | Girl with a Pearl Earring
Producer Andy Paterson and his wife, screenwriter Olivia Hetreed, read Girl With A Pearl Earring in manuscript a few months before its initial publication. "It was a rare treat. I read it in one sitting, almost without breathing" says Hetreed. "I fell in love with Griet; her quiet certainty, her determination to be free in a world where that was almost impossible for a girl from her background" adds Paterson.
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Read 2003/06/25 | Canvas to page to film | Girl with a Pearl Earring
from The Globe and Mail
Before she put pen to paper, author Tracy Chevalier sat quietly with the Girl with a Pearl Earring -- often called the Dutch Mona Lisa -- in the Mauritshuis section of The Hague.
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Read 2003/05/01 | first look | Girl with a Pearl Earring
from Premiere Magazine May 2003
Dressed in a turquoise corduroy suit and sporting a shoulder-length mop of hair, the great Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (Firth) is in the midst of a turbulent domestic scene with his wife (Davis), who has discovered that the servant girl, Griet (Johansson), has modeled for him - wearing her earrings. Quite a scandal, if you live in 17th-century Delft.
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