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2006/05/08 | Scarlett Johansson - Best Cleavage | Magazines Articles & Interviews
From People // Most Beautiful People Issue
Ample; all-natural cleavage is back, and Johansson, 21, has the look of the moment. She says, "I'm very proud of my body. I feel very sexy and comfortable in my own skin. It's always nice to be thought of as sexy. It's a great compliment."
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Read 2006/04/01 | Matthew Goode | Magazines Articles & Interviews
From Interivew Magazine / Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson: I'm an old pro at these interviews, darling, so I'm letting you know right now that everything you say can be used against you from now on.

Matthew Goode: Okay, I'll keep all the butt jokes out. How are you, honey?
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Read 2006/02/28 | The sex appeal of red | Magazines Articles & Interviews
From The Sunday Times / By Tiffanie Darke

The actress Scarlett Johansson is the sizzling face of Bono’s new ethical brand — doing the right thing has never been so glamorous
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Read 2006/01/01 | Lady luck | Magazines Articles & Interviews
From Chicago Sun-Times / by Cindy Pearlman
Scarlett Johansson isn't making many New Year's resolutions. Well ... she has a life resolution to stay the same New York girl she was when she began her career at age 9. "I'm at the point where it's very hard for me to walk down the street and not have everyone else be aware of you," Johansson says. "I won't make adjustments."
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Read 2005/12/04 | Scarlett | Magazines Articles & Interviews
from New York Times Magazine / by Lynn Hirschberg
"Shopping with Woody Allen would be a nightmare," Scarlett Johansson, who is the director's new favorite actress, said recently. She stars in his movie "Match Point," opening later this month, as an alluring but demanding ingénue, and she recently completed another Allen movie as well. "Woody has a very specific idea about everything," Johansson explained.
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Read 2005/11/01 | Scarlett Johansson's Best Friend | Magazines Articles & Interviews
from ELLEGirl, November 2005 / by Scarlett Johansson
Jessie Baylin, 21, is an up-and-coming jazz/rock/blues musician who loves karaoke and Stevie Nicks. Her old pal Scarlett interviewed her for ELLEgirl. Jessie's making her first record, and by the time you read this, she'll probably be signed.
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Read 2005/11/01 | Scarlett Johansson | Magazines Articles & Interviews
From Interview, November 2005 / by John Travolta
Forget the angst and the hand-wringing - here's an actress who says, "This is fun!"
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Read 2005/09/01 | Scarlett Fever | Magazines Articles & Interviews
From Cosmopolitan, September 2005 / by Holly Millea
She rakes in award nominations and has a brand of body confidence that's rare in Hollywood. No wonder Scarlett Johansson is the girl of the moment.
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Read 2005/09/01 | Scarlett Fever | Magazines Articles & Interviews
from MarieClaire (UK), September 2005 / by Harvey Marcus
With two Woody Allen projects under her belt and about to appear opposite Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson is hotter than ever.
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Read 2005/08/14 | Scarlett Fever | Magazines Articles & Interviews
From Sunday Express (UK) / by Lesley O'Toole
She was mesmerising in Girl with a Pearl Earring, she won a Bafta for Lost in Translation, and Woody Allen called her his muse. That would be enough for most actresses, but Scarlett Johansson is on a mission - as Lesley O'Toole discovered
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Read 2005/08/05 | 'The media gets you lopsided ... | Magazines Articles & Interviews
from MetroLife (UK), August 5-11, 2005 / by Ian Nathan
She's not yet 21, but already Scarlett Johansson has 24 films to her name and a whole lot of hype to live up to. But, she tells Ian Nathan, she knows how to keep her feet on the ground
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Read 2005/08/01 | Bright Young Thing | Magazines Articles & Interviews
From Allure, August 2005 / by Deanna Kizis
Scarlett Johansson can evade the paparazzi - but the 20-year-old actress doesn't dodge questions about some personal rumours, being a child actor, and trying to get Ewan McGregor naked.
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Read 2005/07/20 | The girl with a pearl of wisdom on acting | Magazines Articles & Interviews
from Los Angeles Daily News / by Bob Strauss
In The Island, opening Friday, [Scarlett Johansson] plays a clone on the run in a near-future society created by the maestro of loud-explosion cinema, Michael Bay. Fans might be asking what happened to their cerebral Scarlett.
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Read 2005/07/17 | Island girl | Magazines Articles & Interviews
from Calgary Sun / by Stephen Tilley
Having made her mark in quiet, arty, low-budget films, Scarlett Johansson doesn’t seem like the logical choice for a slam-bam action flick by Michael Bay, director of such subtle and introspective works as Armageddon, The Rock and Bad
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Read 2005/07/17 | Scarlett Johansson, a woman of action | Magazines Articles & Interviews
from Chicago Sun-Times / by Cindy Pearlman
Frankly, this Scarlett does give a damn -- especially when it comes to love scenes.
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