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North is just a normal 11-year-old boy. Other than that he is a super baseball player, is the best in Geography and doesn't look bad on the stage in his school either. He's just the star of the school. Everyone admires him, except his parents. At dinner his father tells how good he is at trying on trousers and judge them, while mother admires him for that but at the same time tells that she also has a hard job at the Travel Agency. This goes on and on and North is forgotten. This gives him a hard time - his own parents treat him like that. In school he doesn't know the answers anymore and at baseball he doesn't hit any balls. So, he leaves during the training, walks through the whole town and lands in a hotel. There a man, disguised as Eastern Bunny, comes to him and asks him what is troubling him. North tells him that his parents don't love him. The man isn't having any of it. All parents love their children. He walks away and tells North to think about it. Which this one does.

So he comes up with a brillant idea: He could 'divorce' his parents. With the support of his best friend Winchell, who sees himself already as a Pulitzer winner and much more, he goes to court. The Judgement: North may leave his parents but has to find new ones until Thanksgiving or he has to go back. So North goes on a journey. To Countryland, Hawaii, Alaska, the Quakers, China, Kenya and to a family (who is like those you find in childrenbooks) in the suburbs of New York City. The time is running and strangely he doesn't like it anywhere. While North is looking for the perfect parents his friend plans the revolution: Kids against Parents. Because he fears that North destroys everything by returning home, he heads a killer on him. But everywhere North meets the man who was disguised as the Eastern Bunny back in the hotel and who is now helping him.

It's a funny children story, but appears to be made up for what there is of course a reason, which I'm not going to tell. Only this much: In the end, everything is fine.

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