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April 25, 2006
'Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars'

April 25, 2006
'Match Point' Out on DVD

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RED and Match Point DVD

Posted by Riikka on 27 Feb 2006 ... 0 Comments

Scarlett has been announced as the face of Bono's new project, RED; a brand that will invite other companies to contribute products to it and donates a significant percentage of profits to the Global Fund which fights TB, Aids and malaria in Africa. "It really works," Scarlett told Style. "I mean, I'm a Red American Express cardholder, and I'm putting everything on it now. And the clothing brands involved are so available to everyone: Gap, Converse, Armani brands that people buy all the time." It is the involvement of American Express that has really let the project run, since it's decision to give 1 per cent of everything spent on its credit card reassured the other brands that it was a safe move to get involved. " RED will officially launch on Wednesday. (source)

RED related updates
001 article from The Sunday Times
002 promotial photos

Match Point will be released on DVD in April 2006. The film will be presented in 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen, along with English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono and English SDH audio tracks. French and Spanish subtitles are also povided. As for the discs extras, they are yet to be announced. The disc will be available to own when it hits store shelves April 25, 2006. (source)

The Prestige Release Date

Posted by Riikka on 25 Feb 2006 ... 0 Comments

The release date for The Prestige has been set. Coming Soon and JoBlo report that the movie will not open until 20th October 2006. The Black Dahlia will be released a week before so it looks sure it is going to be a very busy year for Scarlett, both in terms of promotion and filming.

TBD Screening Comments

Posted by Riikka on 23 Feb 2006 ... 0 Comments

There was a test screening a couple of days ago for The Black Dahlia in Los Angeles. Ain't It Cool has posted accounts from people who were in the audience. Josh Hartnett and Mia Kirshner are praised for their performances but unfortunately the reaction to Scarlett's performance is very disappointing. Here are comments on her performance:

"Scarlett Johansson, who I think is a fine actress, also seemed to be in over head, playing a character that could have used the seasoning of an actress ten years her senior."

"Scarlett is her usual boring "look at me, I'm pretty so I must be great!" self, and is barely even necessary in the story (a comment echoed by a few at the Q&A; after the movie)."

"Scarlett Johansson is more than a little disappointing, although she isn't given too much to work with here."

"Lee's girlfriend Kay, played by a OVERACTING and way too OBVIOUS Scarlett Johansson. Their relationship to this woman is marred by Scarlett's hysterics (where is the delicate actor of Lost In Translation, I ask) and the obvious disconnection of the men to her."

I did manage to find one positive comment:

"Most of the actors were fantastic. Aaron Eckhart and Scarlett Johansson were really good, but Josh Hartnett and Hillary Swank were both amazing. Swank almost steals the show and maybe could get a supporting actress nod?"

If you are interested in the film, check out the amazing De Palma a la Mod and Ain't It Cool for more information and commentary.

To make this The Black Dahlia update complete, I have added 7 HQ stills from the set of the film. View them here.

Amica Scans

Posted by Riikka on 22 Feb 2006 ... 0 Comments

Big thanks to Amelie for sending in scans of Scarlett from the November 2005 issue of German Amica magazine. The photos are not new but the shoot (one of my personal favorites) is always a pleasure to look at. :wink:

Also an announcement of sorts. I am behind on responding to emails so please be patient. I will get back to all of you as soon as possible. Also, as stated on the affiliates page, I am currently not accepting new affiliate applications. You'll have to wait till the new version is online.

Comments Down

Posted by Riikka on 14 Feb 2006 ... 0 Comments

Just a quick notice that I have removed the comments feature from the site for the time being due to the huge spam problem that we've had in the past few days. I have received quite a few emails about it and since there was nothing that I could do to stop the flow of Viagara ads, I thought the best thing to do was to disable the feature for now. No worries, the comments will be able soon.

TBD Release Date

Posted by Riikka on 12 Feb 2006 ... 151 Comments

The Black Dahlia finally has an official release date. The much anticipated film will hit US screens on 13th October 2006. It feels very far from now but there are rumours of it premiering at Cannes in May. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

In other news, I am currently working on a brand new version of the site. I will launch it within a couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Vanity Fair March 2006 related updates

Posted by Mel on 07 Feb 2006 ... 195 Comments

Thanks a lot to Kathy for letting me know that Vanity Fair has put up a link to the behind-the-scenes video of the Scarlett/Keira Vanity Fair cover shoot - click here for the video and here for 72 captures.

There has also already turned up a good quality version of the cover picture, click here - be warned, it contains some nudity. // Update - Here is an ever better quality version! Enjoy!

And lastly, please don't forget to vote every hour!!!

OT: Please vote for my site!

Posted by Mel on 04 Feb 2006 ... 7 Comments

I recently entered a competition for "Best Fansite" with one of my other sites,, so if you could just take a moment to vote for it it'd be MUCH appreciated and I promise that if I win something (you can win up to 10,000 Euros) I will have a special surprise or even a contest at the site. So guys - please! If you like or my work, now is the time when you are able to give something back and show me some support for all the hard work I put into this site! It'd really means a lot to me!

Click here to vote! Click on the "Vote For" font on the right, enter the provided code and press "Send" and you're done!
You can vote once every hour!

Scarlett and Richard Archer

Posted by Riikka on 03 Feb 2006 ... 6 Comments

I have made a decision not to post gossip-y articles on this website but since I've received several emails asking about the rumours of Scarlett and Hard-Fi frontman Richard Archer romancing, I decided to comment on it. Firstly, Scarlett and Josh Hartnett just made an appearance together at Sundance so it is fair to assume that they're still together.

Second, Scarlett has confirmed that the rumours are not true at all. "It's not even anywhere close to being true!", The Daily Mail quotes her saying. "I've never met him and until all this started, I'd never heard of him."

In another topic, Scarlett Johansson was voted #28 on's Top 99 Women of 2006. The list was determined by the rankings of 2.5 million readers and by the staff. View more information here. Thanks to Daniel for the heads-up!

A Good Woman Opens

Posted by Riikka on 03 Feb 2006 ... 4 Comments

A Good Woman opens today in limited release in the US. It is already out on DVD in most parts of Europe but if you have not had the change to see Scarlett as Meg Windermere, check out your local cinema screening times.
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