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Lucy and Joe have known each other since High School and are best friends. Back then they made a promise that if both of them don't have a serious relationship until Lucy's 30iest birthday, they'll jump from the Brooklyn Bridge together.

Now there are only 4 weeks until Lucy's birthday, the two of them share an apartment and are both not happy with the lives they're leading.

Lucy's a psychotherapist and has sort of a relationship to a man who means nothing to her, she ends the relationship at the beginning of the film. She has a dysfunctional relationship to her father and her job obviously bores her. Joe is art teacher and works also as an artist. His only motive is his neighbour Jane whom he admires and observes. But he doesn't dare to tell her about his feelings.

At this point both decide to change their lives and to find Mr. Right until Lucy's birthday and to talk to the neighbour. Also they've been planning for some time to open up a private school, Lucy has to ask her father for money. After an argument with her father who wants Lucy to go to Harvard, they even get his approval for their plan. These plans don't really fit to the suicide plan. However, both are still very determined to do it if they have to.

After several unsuccessful attempts Joe starts a conversation with Jane at one of his exhibitions. They start an affair. Lucy 'falls in love' with one of her patients, the freaked out painter Bwick Elias. But after only a short time Lucy and Joe find out that the new partners donít live up to their expectations. Joe isn't happy at all when he learns that Jane was aware of his observations all over the past years. They are, just as Lucy and Bwick, too different.

Finally, they meet at Lucy's birthday at the Brooklyn Bridge.

All in all quite a good and funny love story. The characters are all very likeable and believable developed. The story is sometimes predictable.
written by Astrid, translated by Maria

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