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Scarlett plays Charlotte, the recent college graduate who is newly wed. She is now in Tokyo accompanying her young photographer husband, a well-meaning guy who is sucked into Hollywood lifestyle. So he doesn't notice that she has problems. She has a new life: she has left college and has just married. And somehow she has to find herself again in this new situation, she has to find out how she wants to handle this new situation.

According to someone who was at a test screening Scarlett is very graceful in this film and delivers her most realistic performance so far. Daniel Clowes, Script writer for Ghost World once said that Scarlett can get away easily with skipping some dialogue. So, she is a perfect fit for this role, since Lost In Translation is not a film full of dialogue - on the contrary it is sparse on it and focuses on nuanced action and performances.

Scarlett won the Upstream Prize for Best Actress at the 2003 Venice Film Festival for her performance as Charlotte.

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