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Ross Katz (Producer)
Scarlett has a worldliness, a sense of having lived a life that is well beyond her years. She was the most exciting candidate; she connected to the material and to Sofia's work in general. It was great watching all three of them - Scarlett, Sofia, and Bill - all immensely talented and all from very different walks of life and points of view. Scarlett embodied the role of Charlotte, and she's playing a young woman in her 20s, which people haven't seen her do. The role called for a certain complexity. Scarlett brings out what Sofia had written very specifically about this character.

Sofia Coppola (Director)
For the shots where Scarlett is alone in the room, I tried to keep it to as few people as possible, to keep it intimate, more like a photo shoot. I can shoot a girl sitting around in her underwear and it's not creepy because I'm not some big guy. There's an understanding between us because I've been that age. There's a shorthand.

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