Scarlett's Calendar

April-May, 2006
Filming The Nanny Diaries in New York

July 28, 2006
Scoop released in the US

September 15, 2006
The Black Dahlia released in the US

October 20, 2006
The Prestige released in the US

Current Projects

Match Point
Status Out on DVD
More Info Official

Status To be released 7/28
More Info Official

The Black Dahlia
Status To be released 9/15
More Info Official

Status To be released 10/20
More Info Official

The Nanny Diaries
Status Currently filming
More Info Official

Status Filming begins in June
More Info Official

Napoleon and Betsy
Status Announced
More Info Official

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Is left handed.
Taught herself to read at age 4.
Was named after Gone with the Wind character Scarlett O'Hara.
Celebrity boyfriends include Josh Hartnett, Jared Leto, Patrick Wilson and Steel Train frontman Jack Antonoff.
Has her navel, nose, septum, eyebrow, tragus and ears pierced.
Says that Disneyland is her favorite place.
Was involved in a car accident just outside Disneyland when her Mercedes hit another car as she was trying to escape chasing paparazzi. Scarlett speaks out actively againts the paparazzi's dangerous actions.
Confessed she is a workaholic, because she believes the exhaustion she endures brings out the best in her.