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• April 25, 2006
'Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars'

• April 25, 2006
'Match Point' Out on DVD

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Match Point
Status DVD out 4/25
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The Black Dahlia
Status To be released 9/15
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Status Post-Production
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Status Post-Production
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The Nanny Diaries
Status Filming begins in April
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Status Filming begins in June
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Napoleon and Betsy
Status Announced
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Causes & Charities

RED (2006)
Scarlett has been announced as the face of Bono's new project, RED; a brand that will invite other companies to contribute products to it and donates a significant percentage of profits to the Global Fund which fights TB, Aids and malaria in Africa. "It really works," Scarlett told Style. "I mean, I'm a Red American Express cardholder, and I'm putting everything on it now. And the clothing brands involved are so available to everyone: Gap, Converse, Armani – brands that people buy all the time." It is the involvement of American Express that has really let the project run, since it's decision to give 1 per cent of everything spent on its credit card reassured the other brands that it was a safe move to get involved."
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The Global Call to Action against Poverty (2004)
The Global Call to Action against Poverty is a world-wide alliance committed to pushing world leaders to live up to their promises, and to make a breakthrough on poverty in 2005. The campaign is calling on world leaders to fulfil their commitments on trade justice, more and better aid and full debt cancellation. It is also demanding transparency and accountability from all governments in their plans to eliminate poverty and reach the Millennium Development Goals. The alliance includes charities, trade unions, faith groups and grassroots movements active in over 70 countries across the world. Together the Global Call to Action against Poverty members represent well over 150 million people. Well-known supporters of the campaign include Nelson Mandela, Bono, Claudia Schiffer, Desmond Tutu and Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett recent did an ad for the campaign. She says "2005 is the year to make history. To make poverty history." The video can be download on the video page.
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MoveOn (2004) Political Action announced a new grassroots initiative in its campaign to elect John Kerry. The ads that made up the 10 Weeks campaign included the work of notable American film directors and actors including: Matt Damon, Rob Reiner, Richard Linklater, Martin Sheen, Margaret Cho, Darren Aronofsky, Moby, John Sayles and many others. Scarlett Johansson was also involved with the campaign.

A comely cartoon stewardess, voiced by Scarlett Johansson, lights the cigar of a nervous businessman, read by Kevin Bacon. "How's the reconstruction going?" he's asked. "Great," he replies, "I mean profitable. Very profitable." As a plane full of businessmen strap on parachutes, grabbing their briefcases and guns, the announcer asks: "What if the same men who profited from the war had to fight it?" This anti-Bush ad was available as a download at the Move On site in the week of 13th September 2004.
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Global Campaign for Education (2003)
The Global Campaign for Education (GCE), founded in 1999, brings together major NGOs and teachers’ unions in more than 150 countries around the world to promote education as a basic human right and mobilize public pressure on governments and the international community to fulfill their promises to provide free, compulsory basic education for all people. The U.S. Chapter of the Global Campaign for Education is a broad-based coalition of more than 30 non-governmental and religious organizations, teachers unions, foundations and child advocates to promote the cause of universal basic education in the world’s poorest nations.

Scarlett has shown her support for the cause by being involved in an ad campaign. Her poster reads:
"I'm not a statistician, but it doesn't take a genious to work out that 100 million children being denied an education is ridiculous. There is nothing lost in translation here, it's obvious that's wrong.
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