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It's a wonderful winter morning, the sun is shining and there's snow everywhere. A morning to go horse riding, thinks Grace when she wakes up in the weekend cabin in the countryside. Judith, her best friend, thinks just the same at her place nearby. So the two meet, giggle around, behave like typical happy 14-year olds - and set off for horse riding. At the same time, Robert, Grace's father, is still asleep and Annie, her mother, has just finished her jogging tour in New York's streets and is going to the office. She's is the editor of a Magazine.

However typical this may be for a MacLean weekend, it won't end typically. Judith and Grace have a terrible accident while riding. As a result, Judith dies and Grace loses a leg. Pilgrim, Grace's horse, is traumatized too.

Now, in this time of crisis, long existing family problems come to the surface. Like, why would Annie spend the weekend working in New York all by herself while her husband and daughter are having a great time in the countryside? And why does Robert put up with that? And what about Grace, an only child with a perfect mother? Pilgrim is the mirror of the feelings of everyone, especially Grace. Annie finds that out, and thinks that the only way to help Grace cope with the tragedy is to find a way to cure the troubled horse. So she's looking for a 'Horse Whisperer'.

That Horse Whisperer is Tom Booker from Montana. A man that doesn't need some career woman asking him to help her daughter's horse. So Annie takes Grace and Pilgrim and drives to Montana. There, in the beautiful landscape of Marlboro Country, Pilgrim finds cure. Since being herself part of this process, Grace finds new hope. And Annie, away from the office, has time to think about her life, her role as a mother and love.

The film has been called a film about healing and it is. But since I've read the book before, I was somehow disappointed by the film. The best things about it are Scarlett playing Grace and the landscape. Because of these I can watch the film more than just once.

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