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Enid and Rebecca have been best friends for almost as long as they can think. Now it's the day of their highschool graduation. Finally, they will be able to fulfill their mutual plan: find work and move in together. Fist obstacle: Enid has to repeat art at summer school. Maybe I should add, the two are not your average teenagers. They're eccentric and their people are the losers. A hobby of theirs is to follow strangers just for fun. And unlike teenagers in other American films, they are not going to college after highschool. They really are best friends however, they are like a married couple, in regard of how much time they spend time together.

While Rebecca feels that it is time to grow up and figure out what to do with her life, Enid is at the stupid summer school. There, you just have to say something very creative and intelligent and your art - however gross or poor - is the best. Something that isn't like outspoken Enid at all. Enid is also trying to get along with her father when his ex-girlfriend shows up again - a woman Enid hates. So, the two slowly start drifting apart. But they haven't noticed it yet (maybe) and are still spending time together. Going through the ads (Rebecca: Our future husbands might be contacting us) they come across a very ridiculous one: A man with a green cardigan is looking for a striking blonde whom he had helped find her contact lenses. And didn't they have a moment?! Rebecca suggests calling him and pretending to be the blonde.

That's how they get to know Seymour, someone who is collecting records like a nerd. Rebecca thinks he is just that. But Enid is fascinated by him and is determined to find a girl for him. So Enid is now spending time with him and Rebecca (who is sick of Seymour) starts working at Starbucks. All she needs now is an own apartment. Will she move in alone or with Enid? And Enid, will she finally discover who she wants to be (she had had many different phases so far e.g. 'the old lady phase' years ago) and what she wants to do?

It's a film about teenage angst, growing up and friendships. Ghost World isn't a thriller at all - the title refers in my opinion to this ghostly stage between adolescence and adulthood. The time where you re-think everything and decide your next decades of your life. The film is very realistic, and as most of these, it leaves a certain sadness in you after watching it. But each and every performance is excellent, there is a lot of (dark) humor and it is beautiful as a whole.

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