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Shooting: Oct. 25 - Feb. 24
The Island
Theatrical Release: Nov. 19, 04
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Theatrical Release: Dec. 29, 04
A Love Song For Bobby Long
Theatrical Release: Dec. 29, 04
In Good Company
Filming Completed
Woody Allen Summer Project
Theatrical Release (UK): May 13, 2005
A Good Woman
Shooting: March 05
The Black Dahlia
Shooting: Summer 05
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Tue Nov 16, 2004 06:59:48
Emilio Robledo

Hi! Thank you for letting people write their own opinions about the site and, off course, about Scarlett.

I think she´s absolutely great at acting. She is the kind of actress who make any film more misterious and atractive. Her way of acting makes you stay on front of the screen, regardless. Besides, Scarlett Johansson can make any kind of role! As a young maid or as a married young woman she works fantastically even though she´s only almost 20! (I hope you read this baby!, congratulations on your birthday!! November 22!!).

Finally, I´m pretty sure that with such big talent and beauty this young actress will have a great future in Hollywood. She´s is an Oscar winner already and famous all over the world because of her 2003 film, "Girl with a pearl earring", when she was still 18.
Sun Nov 14, 2004 23:36:12
Werty Bruick

Your site was very useful to me, thanks. Best luck and success. Alter your desing a bit to suit more people.
Sat Nov 13, 2004 23:39:48

Hi, folks! Great website, trust me. Design is good and content is appealing. Keep it up!
Sat Nov 13, 2004 14:14:56

Cool website ! very good !
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Sat Nov 13, 2004 01:37:25

Fine web place, thanks a lot. Use a bit more imagination to keep us interested. Bye
Fri Nov 12, 2004 14:08:11
Luc Bors
The Netherlands

He nice lady

I just want to say: "I LOVED YOU in Lost in Translation"
I don't know how you do it, but i couldn't take my eyes of of you.

Keep up tha good work.

Ill see you (but you wont see me probally)

Fri Nov 12, 2004 02:04:54

Thu Nov 11, 2004 19:49:41
Jesse Leal

Quite interesting. I was checking this online movie site and scarlett johansson appears in a movie called, "FALL" it is a 1997 movie, in where she plays a little girl. This is a movie that is not listed in her movie resume from what i see elsewhere on here in America. I hope everyone checks out Fall by Eric Schaeffer. Eventhough it could be a small part, she is still in that. Thank you for reading this mail post.
Thu Nov 11, 2004 18:19:38
Fost Ancover

Very pleasant web site - I like it very much. If you keep this way you may get the best site in the industry!
Tue Nov 09, 2004 13:13:35
jerome logiou

faite comme si je n'avait rien dit:



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