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In Good Company
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A Good Woman
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The Island
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Sat Aug 07, 2004 00:29:59
J-t aka. Bonsai aka. Bonsai^^

I love this site, theres so much info
i loved the video's you have upped to here. I love the boards intresting topics and people are very nice.
I love Scarlett Johansson
Fri Aug 06, 2004 02:26:47

Adoro a esta chica, es todo lo que un hombre desea tener coomo esposa, tractiva, sencilla, inteligente, simpatica, y por si mirada de segura ha de ser muy buena en la cama
Thu Aug 05, 2004 19:40:36
POLAND aka 3 World


I think you are very ................
so I can"t stop thinking about you...
I know that we nevr will meet and it cause that I"m angryyyy

Thu Aug 05, 2004 16:57:54
Nicholas McGowan

Scarlett rules, so gorgeous and so talented.
Thu Aug 05, 2004 02:08:13

Nobody could have done any better than Scarlett in "Girl with a pearl earring". I read the book and she really was Griet. In the movie there were times you didn't have to say a word, but with Scarlett's ability, you were able to know what she was thinking. Thank you Scarlett for such a great job in that movie. You touched me.
Wed Aug 04, 2004 17:15:22

Scarlett is simply an amazing actress and an inspiration to aspiring actors around the world. She is gorgeous, talented and smart. The movies she has starred in so far have been brillant to say the least and i can only wish her all the luck in the world.
Wed Aug 04, 2004 04:25:06

does anybody know if Scarlett likes to read?
Wed Aug 04, 2004 00:14:42

Scarlett, you are just truely amazing, in work and beauty and you are the kind fo girl all the guys want ot meet....you have the greatest lips, eyes and and you are just the most beautiful person i've ever seen so please keep acting and it would be so great to meet you one day
Tue Aug 03, 2004 10:03:49
Michael D.

Wow, so much has already been said that i'm not sure what to really say. I guess I just want to be a little different and say I hope to work with you in the future. I see your talent and just hope that one day I can maybe work with you on a project if I ever get my chance to finally make a real film. You stand out from so many other actresses because you are so real. That kind of performance is rare, and widely lacking. The first thing that caught my interest in you was your voice. I thought "Wow, I've never heard a voice quite like it and I love it." And from that day I put you on my wish list of casting. Hopefully I'll one day make my opus with my wish list cast, but until then take the world in your hands.

Sleep sweet, and in all things you have my best wishes.
Tue Aug 03, 2004 02:37:54

You are, undoubtedly, the most beautiful actress I have ever seen - either in a film or anywhere else. I'm only a few months older than you (7/8/84), but you give 'us teenagers' a good reputation, with your inspiring dedication and your admirable beauty. Keep smiling, cutie.


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