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Wed Sep 29, 2004 10:42:34

ps- maybe only respond if you are in the know.
Wed Sep 29, 2004 10:41:09

Do you wait for Scarlet to make eyes at you first, before trying to speak with her... Or does one just be as charming as possible and make the first move?
Mon Sep 27, 2004 19:55:56
francisco leal

You'll recall the angels
The hot coffee, waking up
While the news about us
Is passing by unnoticed
They say I'll need it
If it doesn't kill it makes you stronger
While your voice
Is unnoticed on TV
Your farewell will echo
Between the radio and the phone.

About Black nights
Where there's no time
And there's no space
And no one will ever understand
Can you stay
Cause it hurts me hurts me
Hurts me to death
Without you.

I'd think again that you're not here
But I'm distracted by the ads
Between my timetable and the traffic
I work and you're just there
Between the balcony and the entry phone
I dedicate my troubles to you.

I fought in silence talking to him
And smoothed your absence with my arms only
And the more you'll want me the less you'll see of me
And the less you'll want me the more I'll be with you
And the more you'll want me the less you'll see of me
And the less you'll want me the more I'll be with you
And the more I'll be with you, with you, with you, with you… I swear it.

Mon Sep 27, 2004 19:48:47

Hi everyoneMaria is the best
Mon Sep 27, 2004 17:37:27
Dániel J. H.

Hello world...im a hungarian boy and i saw that Scarlett was in Budapest when he played in the american rhapsody and i wasnt thereUnfortunately i didnt know her that times...
I hope she will makes more film in Hungary because I want to see her in the real life,not only on the tv screen.
Scarlett,see you soon at the Andrassy street,under the Vak Bottyán statue
Mon Sep 27, 2004 14:16:55
Nikolai Burdy
London, England

Just like to say nice site. Iam a very big fan of Scarletts. I couldnt beleive anyone could be sooooo Gorgeous! Iam wondering if this is her site, does she ever visit and reply to any of the threads? (doubt it)
Anyway iam an actor too, and pray that some day we get to work together!
A man can dream. All the best Scarlett!
Nik xxx
Mon Sep 27, 2004 00:23:05

This is a beautiful site you have. I'm very much in awe. It's so organized and nicely done. Yay! Lol. Anyhow I was wondering if you could direct me to anyplace that I could download the CK ad. I adore that ad. I would buy the perfume for that ad and I can't imagine anyone else playing that role except Scarlett. Thanks =)
Sun Sep 26, 2004 15:57:33

i'm having trouble subscribing ... i didn't receive the code and i think that tottally wrong! i'm pissed! and it suck the fact that i can't see scarlett's pics full size!!wuuuughh!!am i angry!!
Sun Sep 26, 2004 01:00:04
Antonio Dias

I've finished seeing Lost In Translation. Great movie, Scarlet was really good! And she is very sensual indeed!

C U Around!
Fri Sep 24, 2004 22:06:02
Dave Watson

Just watched the movie "The Perfect Score" last night and it was great! You were wonderful... love the attitude! And very gorgeous I might add.

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