DVD Extra: Scarlett Interview
as featured on the German DVD, transcript made by Maria

on her role
Charlotte's a very strong-willed.... you know.... 24-year old married woman, who's just come out of 6 years of ..... you know, of schooling at Yale, she's a Philosophy Major, she's smart and very charming. I think she's really kind of adorable and a very lovable sort of character. And she's very in love with her husband but they're sort of having a kind of miscommunication ... and she feels very overwhelmed, I think, by the options that are presented for her. She meets Bill Murray's character in a.... you know the bar in Tokyo. They're so exhausted - from lack of sleep - and really make a wonderful connection with one another.

on working with Bill Murray
I'd just known Bill from ...ehm... from his own films, you know, before I went to see him. So I felt like a knew him a little bit - you know - and then we met each other the night before shooting and then we just jumped right into it. Which I think actually worked for the relationship between the two, because at first they're a little bit uncomfortable... you know that uncomfortable sort of "OK", a little short laughs and stuff and then they slowly, gradually... they get to know each other better. And that's really the way it was for us.

on Sofia Coppola
Giovanni is such a method actor and Bill is very sort of instinctive and knows himself and knows his timing so well. And I'm, I don't know, somewhere in between the two, I guess. Sofia was very responsible with that and very responsive and generous with all of us and really wanted to make us.... you know, she understood that all actors are different and that we'd all be working differently. So, you know, it was... it was pleasantly surprising, you couldn't really ask for more, as an actor.

on the most important meetings in life
More than culturally, I think I've really had the experience of... you know of meeting somebody..... You know, when you have all of these people around you that love you but none of them quite understands what you're going through. And meeting somebody, even for a small amount of time, that really can change your life and change the course of your life. I think that's what was the most... that's what was the closest, I think to me, the... you know, the experience of this film.

on working with Giovanni Ribisi
Giovanni and I... you know, we had to.... I've never been married before (laughs) and Giovanni and I had never met before. So, I think Sofia wanted to - more importantly than me - meeting with Bill, I actually met Bill on the set and we just sort of kind of hopped on it right away. But when you're sort of trying to create this relationship like a marriage, you know, it had to be familiar and we got to have some... you know, we had to know each other a little bit and so we did a couple days of rehearsal, where we sort of established things. We did a lot of fun improv... It was like me, Sofia and Giovanni and we sort of.... we'd say "Ok, you know, where did these people first meet" .. you know .. "When did they first... you know, what was their first argument? When was their first kiss?" And... you know ...them on a date and then later on in the relationship when he's so busy... It was really good to get that and then to have Giovanni come out and it was like "All right, we can just fall right into it."

on the reactions to the film
I think that one of the... you know, it seems that everybody comes away from seeing 'Lost in Translation' with a kind of really sort of enjoying and getting it and wanting to talk about it. And really for me.. as an actor and somebody who hopefully would direct some day and somebody who... you know, is really.. who likes being an audience member, it's very satisfying to know that people are responding well to this kind of story; because it is a character-driven plot but there's so much more... sort of, you know, the more you see it, the more you want to... the more you realise about the sort of.. the interaction between people and how sort of fragile that is. And how people can really change each other. It gives you a little bit of faith and it makes you feel nice, .. to witness it.

note: I've cut out almost every 'ehm's and some of the 'you know's