Sense & Sensuality

TeenPeople, December 01/January 2002

by Mara Reinstein

Always a classic and more elegant than ever, black is anything but basic this season. Hollywood's next leading lady, Scarlett Johansson, wears it well

Scarlett Johansson is hardly your average high school senior, but she's not a card-carrying member of the Young Hollywood crowd either. The New York City-bred actress with the gravelly voice is as happy writing papers for English class as she is working the red carpet at glitzy premieres, and while she's appeared in big films like Robert Redford's The Horse Whisperer, she shuns typical teen movies in favor of quirky, indie fare (like An American Rhapsody and Ghost World). In her current project, The Man Who Wasn't There, Scarlett tackles a new role: femme fatale. "My character has a Lolita quality about her, and I'm a sensual person," says Scarlett, 16, who seduces the much older Billy Bob Thornton on-screen. "As a young woman, I'm very aware of my femininity and the essence (I) give off." Scarlett's cosmopolitan attitude affects her style too: "I wear whatever I like -- I don't dress for anyone." Her favorite article of clothing? A vintage dress she recently bought in a thrift store. And yes, it's black..