she said... Scarlett Johansson

InStyle (US issue), September 2003
By J.W.

18-year-old star of Lost in Translation

nickname "My twin brother calls me Scarl, which is weird because it's so hard to say. But ever since he was little, he used to follow me around the house going, 'Scarl! Scarl!'"

biggest fear "I don't live fearfully unless I see a cockroach; then I get so freaked out, it is unbelievable. In New York I once had one on my face. My dad ran in and grabbed it. He told me it was one of the largest cockroaches he'd ever seen."

I'd love to be able to "Fly. Or it would be nice to blink and be where you want to be. Remember how Jeannie on I Dream of Jeannie could do that? I'd love that."

my favorite co-star "Colin Firth [from their upcoming film, Girl with a Pearl Earring]. He's sensitive and adorable, and an incredible actor. It was just a total pleasure to work with him."

my first car is "A blue BMW Z4. It is so beautiful. People are like, 'Wow, a BMW for your first car.' And I'm like, 'Whatever. I've been working my whole childhood. I want the damn car."

biggest vice "I like Burger King cheeseburger kids meals, because I like the toy and I love the charbroiled taste. So good."

hidden talent "I can sing, actually, but it's not that hidden - I sing everywher I go. I do a great Cher impression."

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