Beauty Talk : Scarlett Johansson

InStyle US/UK, January/April 2004
By Angela Matusik

When the producers of Girl with a Pearl Earring asked Scarlett Johansson the crucial question, "Do you have pierced ears?" she responded enthusiastically: "Oh, do I!" In fact, Johansson, who plays the subject of one of Vermeer's most famous paintings in the recently released film, has not one piercing but four in each ear as well as some in her eyebrow, nose and belly button. The 19-year-old actress has an equally eclectic collection of makeup. While filming Lost in Translation in Japan she stocked up on compact eyelash curlers and mini lipsticks. "I also got some great nail polish. It stays on for like three weeks!"

Is this a new hair color for you?
Yes, it's blonder than it has ever been, almost platinum. Recently I've been doing different stuff with my halt. It was natural for so long. When I was filming Ghost World and The Man Who Wasn't There, my hair was always the same color. Then for another movie, The Perfect Score, I dyed it very dark purple. I've been coloring it ever since.

Tell me about your haircut.
It's pretty short now, but I have long shaggy layers. I had a serious Florence Henderson look for a while that my friend Fabrice [Gili, of Frederic Fekkai] did. Yes, I had a mullet.

I was going to ask about the mullet look, but I didn't want to be offensive.
Offensive? What-are you kidding?! I had a "Mullet pride" shirt that I wore for a while. There was a total party going on in the back of my head, but now I'm sad to say that mullet thing is gone.

Do you like to play around with makeup?
I have a ton of makeup. It's very embarrassing whenever I have any males over, because they go, "Holy s-! You have a lot of makeup!" I don't want them to think that it's because I lacquer it on. I don't. I just like buying makeup; I like to touch it and move it around with my fingers. I like to paint people.

What's your everyday look?
I always wear mascara and undereye concealer. I've had very dark circles under my eyes since I was about 11, and I've always used Clinique Quick Corrector. With mascara, I like to change it up a bit. MAC just came out with a few different kinds that are quite enjoyable to play with. But I really, really like Trish McEvoy lip gloss. It makes your lips very soft, and it's not like a sticky gloss.

There's a great scene in Girl with a Pearl Earring when Colin Firth, who plays Johannes Vermeer, asks you to lick your lips to make them look glossy.
Yeah, glossy lips are very sexy. I wear a lot of lip gloss. My lips are very full, so unless I'm wearing bright red lipstick and making a statement, I usually don't wear lipstick. It's kind of hard to pull off without looking like a giant pair of lips.

How do you handle beauty emergencies?
I have a concealer from Shu Uemura called Mark Cealer that is great for blemishes. It's like a little swab, but the great thing about it is that it has witch hazel in it. If you have a blemish, you can conceal it, but it's drying at the same time. And I always have Q-tips in my bag because they're very useful. Let's say you're at a party and you go into the bathroom and your makeup is all over the place-you don't know how it got there. Q-tips are great for those kinds of unexpected makeup disasters. And they also come in very handy when you're applying concealer and it's cakey.

Have you had any beauty epiphanies?
Oh, God, yeah. The first time I plucked my eyebrows. Fortunately I have wellshaped brows that are easy to follow. When I realized what a difference it makes, I started plucking all of my friends' eyebrows. I was like, "You need to pluck your eyebrows, and you need to pluck your eyebrows. "