Thank Yous

** Scarlett Johansson **
Thank you Scarlett for sharing your talent and passion with all of us. Almost every film you're in touches something deep inside me, thanks! Without you, this site wouldn't exist at all!

** Julio **
Thank you for working with me on the site and providing a Spanish translation of this site. It makes the site very special! Thanks also for the friendly contact.

** David Frazer **
Thank you for uploading the news etc during August 2002 - July 2003. For almost a year you were my only resort for keeping the site more or less up-to-date.

** William **
Thank you for setting up your Edgescans Series - and letting me use your Scarlett scans. Without you there'd be much less magazine scans. Thanks also for linking back to this site.

** Ali **
Thank you for sending me so many quality pictures of Scarlett at public events and some other pictures! It means a lot to me.

** Ruth **
Thank you for uploading so many quality pictures of Scarlett at public events! What would the gallery be without you?

** Mariana **
Thank you for sending me so many unpublished pictures of Scarlett and some watermark-free photos. I love the rare pictures!!

** George Russell **
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about Scarlett's performances and films she's been in with me. That proved very helpful for the sections of the films I haven't seen myself. And in general your comments make me think a bit more about issues raised in films.

** Steven Flores **
Thank you for writing so many quality reviews - also for films, soundtracks and books related to Scarlett. And a big thank you also for informing me about news etc.

** Lance Montano **
Thank you for finding even the most hidden article in the web and sending me the links. I appreciate it very much - it saves me a lot of time. Sorry for not uploading everything straight away.

** Jmanin **
Thank you for all your GREAT screen caps. I'm sure every one out there who's not able to see Scarlett on TV (and surely those who do, too) are very grateful!

** Roger Estrada jr **
Thank you for typing articles from local papers etc. And let's not forget your frequent updates on news.

** Fabio **
Thank you for sending me rare pictures and set photographs. I'm very sorry I usually don't use your material right away. But it isn't lost, promised.

** Krzysztof **
Thank you for making wallpapers and staying in contact with me. It feels good to receive German emails relating to Scarlett. Thanks also for everything else you've helped me with.

This list doesn't claim to be complete. If someone feels he or she should be on it too, just contact me. Also the order of the people mentioned doesn't really indicate anything about how helpful they are.

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