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January 15, 2004
Report by Aly

Scarlett was adorable and gorgeous as usual. Sharon introduced her as “Hollywood’s little darling.” They started off discussing what it’s like for Scarlett, being the new “It” girl. She said it’s really strange how just a year and a half ago she was being bitched at by directors to “take out [her] eyebrow ring and learn the script” and now she’s having her photograph taken wherever she goes. She said it’s very rewarding to have people approach her and express their love for her films. “It has it’s ups and downs, but I can’t complain.”

Sharon congratulated Scarlett on her two Golden Globe nominations and asked Scarlett what she’s planning on wearing. Scarlett didn’t want to give it away, and just said, “oh…something.” Sharon kept nudging her to tell, but Scarlett said it’s supposed to be a big surprise. However, she did hint that it’s “long...ish… and sexy….” Then Sharon asked who she’s planning on taking as her date, and Scarlett said, “as much as I’d like to say I have a hot date, I’m actually going with my mom, and my agent, and my lawyer.” She said her mom is the only person she can really talk to and say, “oh my god, she’s spilling out the sides [of her dress]” and that her agent and laywer are just fun to make fun of. Scarlett also mentioned that she has a major staring problem, where she’ll be just looking at somebody with her tongue hanging out, and she’s afraid that’s how she’ll be at the Golden Globes.

Then Sharon asked about Lost in Translation, and what it was like working with Bill Murray. Scarlett explained that she’s been a huge fan of Bill Murray practically her whole life, and that Groundhog’s Day is one of her favorite films. She also said it was really weird meeting him for the first time in Tokyo. They showed a clip from Lost in Translation – the prison break scene – and then they giggled about Bill Murray. Sharon apparently has a huge crush on him; she kept screaming and bouncing up and down.

They went to commercial and when they came back they showed a clip from Girl with a Pearl Earring – the one where Griet and Vermeer are sort of arguing about piercing her ear. Sharon asked if Scarlett found Colin Firth to be a hottie and great to work with. Scarlett said “he’s great to work with but it’s hard for me to call him a hottie because I’d see him at 4 in the morning, trudging around in that furry wig” and “oompa loompa-y costume.” Sharon asked how Scarlett felt about her costume in GWAPE and she said that having no eyebrows was rough. Her make-up artist told her, “these are gonna have to go” and Scarlett was really worried that she would “look like a character from Willow.” Then she said “with the mullet and no eyebrows [she] looked like Charlize Theron in Monster.”

They moved on to The Perfect Score which Scarlett described as her “homage to teen movies.” Sharon complimented Scarlett on the huge variety of very different films she done and said “you’ve got a good agent, missy.” Scarlett replied, “yeah, he’s alright.” They showed a clip from The Perfect Score. Scarlett didn’t really want to talk about The Perfect Score because she wanted to show off a photograph of her bulldog Montgomery. He’s about a year and half, and “really annoying.” She also said he farts a lot and that when he does “it’s painful…painful!!” Sharon also has a bulldog and said he does the same thing. Scarlett described bulldog farts as very thick and moist. Then she said she thinks Montgomery is gay. Sharon told her that when she wins her Golden Globe and goes up on stage to make her speech the first thing that Scarlett thinks of should be Montgomery’s farts. Scarlett started laughing and said “oh yeah, that’ll be the first thing on my mind. Forget about thanking my Savior.”

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