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6 Teenagers who want to go to college but have to pass the SATs first. What do they do? They plan to steal the answers!

Leader is Kyle who is dreaming of studying at a Ivy League university to become a famous architect. His SAT results however would probably not be good enough to be accepted, which is why he develops this plan - together with Matty. This one wants to be accepted at the university his girlfriend is studying. Anna is actually a good daughter but is looking for thrill and adventure. She brings Desmond in. He is the school's star basketball player and would like to become a pro but gives in to his mother's demands to go to university first. To get into the testcenter they need Francesca - the anti-establishment girl who always knows how to avoid boredom thanks to her phantasy. Last one to join the team is Roy who accidentally overhears the plan.

To realise their goal, the 6 teenagers from various backgrounds have to work together. But just getting the perfect score isn't their only motivation: they also are frustrated with what they perceive as the unjustices of the SAT system, a system they view as an oppressive bureaucracy that reduces all students to a number, favours some demographic groups over others, encourages schools and teachers to inflate scores, and ignores the individual talents and strengths of different students by forcing them to take a standardised test. In that this aspect is well developed the film is different to other teenie films. And even though the characters start off as stereotypes they are given greater depth as the film progresses.

Another good point is that the teenagers are not portrayed as if they are always right and the parents always bad. It is realistic, the dialogue is well-written and the humour is enjoyable without being contrived orf forced.
based on the report from an IMDB user who was at a test screening on April 8, 2003

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