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Read 2005/07/30 | Holding on for dear life | The Island
From The Knowledge (UK), July 30 - August 5, 2005 / by Ian Nathan
A blockbuster with brains and brawn? Why not, says Scarlett Johansson as Ian Nathan lands on The Island
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Read 2005/05/25 | First Look: A Sneak Peak at Michael Bay's The Island | The Island
Itís rare for a studio to roll out the red carpet for their big summer movie especially when itís not even finished yet.
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Read 2005/05/01 | Johansson Got Physical On Island | The Island
from SCI FI, dated May 2005
Scarlett Johansson, star of Michael Bay's upcoming SF action film The Island, told SCI FI Wire that she got pretty banged up while taking on the highly physical role in the film. "I was so sore after my first day of work," Johansson told reporters at a news conference on May 25. "I think my muscles were atrophied or something, but I couldn't run any longer, and that was the first day of a five-month shoot! I was running so much I thought I was going to die."
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Read 2005/02/21 | Set Visit 'The Island' | The Island
from Joblo.Com / by Chris Gaede
Cloning is a hot topic these days. Right about now, I bet thereís a lot of people wishing that someone had been able to clone Hunter S. Thompson, sadly no longer with us. Whenever a hot button issue is in the air, you can bet Hollywood is right on the heels of the subject.
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Read 2005/02/18 | Set Report: "The Island" | The Island
from Dark Horizon / by Brad Miska
Good friend 'Brad Miska' went to Downey yesterday and sent in this report from the next Michael Bay action spectacular currently in production:
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Read 2005/02/17 | Michael Bay Celebrates Birthday with Press on 'The Island' | The Island
from Zap2It.Com / by Mike Szymanski
Action director Michael Bay says he's so proud of his new sci-fi film, "The Island," that he invited selected press to a set visit on his 41st birthday
This article was read 46 times

Read 2005/02/17 | Set Visit Preview: The Island | The Island
from FilmForce / by Jeff Otto
IGNFF checks out Michael Bay's sci-fi flick.
This article was read 49 times

Read 2005/02/13 | Set Visit 'The Island' | The Island
from Ain't It Cool News / by Mr Beaks
Mr Beaks washes up on Michael Bay's ISLAND, but couldn't find a single coconut or seashell!
This article was read 58 times

Read 2004/12/27 | Johansson Takes To The Island | The Island
from Scifi.Com
Scarlett Johansson told SCI FI Wire that she has a tough time trying to describe The Island, an SF film that's in production now with Michael Bay (Armageddon) directing."It's a science fiction film, I guess, and it's also very romantic," she said in an interview. "And it's also an action film."
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Read 2004/11/14 | Bay bends budget stream to save 'Island' | The Island
from Variety / by Michael Fleming
While he delivered hits like "Armageddon," "Bad Boys," "Pearl Harbor" and "The Rock," Michael Bay was a director who could be as combustible as his subject matter when an actor or an exec got in the way.
This article was read 9 times

Read 2004/11/01 | 'Lost in Translation' actress shooting 'psychological sci-fi thriller romance.' | The Island
from MTV.Com, 2004
Scarlett Johansson, known for dramas like "Ghost World" and "Lost in Translation" and the upcoming "In Good Company" and "A Love Song for Bobby Long," is shooting her first big action movie, "The Island." "It's kind of crazy," Johansson said.
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Read 2004/08/24 | Johansson off to 'Island' for Bay | The Island
from The Hollywood Reporter / by Chris Gardner
Scarlett Johansson is booking passage for "The Island," the next project on her slate that she will film.
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