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Read 2005/12/08 | ‘Match Point’ plays a dark, twisted game | Match Point
from The Minnesota Daily / By Jenna Ross
It begins with a tennis net. The ball goes over and back and over again. Then, it hits — just the tip — and freezes, midair, above the net. With Woody Allen’s “Match Point,” Scarlett Johansson explores a natural, almost dangerous sexuality. And she admits that comes easy. In a short phone interview, Johansson mused over her good fortune with a husky voice and an easy laugh.
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Read 2005/11/18 | Noview Review: Match Point | Match Point
from Slashfilm.Com / by Fred Stesney
The old question was why doesn’t Woody Allen make funny movies anymore? For decades he cranked out a movie a year, most of them severely flawed, touching on his short list of obsessions and not causing much of a stir outside of New York. With the release of Match Point, we see that there was a reason for that time in the wilderness, and that funny movies are not what he should be making.
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Read 2005/06/01 | DreamWorks nets Allen's 'Match Point' | Match Point
from The Hollywood Reporter / by Anne Thompson
Woody Allen has found a home for his dark relationship thriller "Match Point," which screened Out of Competition at the Festival de Cannes. The New York auteur is back in business with DreamWorks, which has picked up North American rights for $4 million.
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Read 2004/08/08 | Why I love London | Match Point
from The Observer / by Simon Garfield
He's famous for being an angst-ridden workaholic who never steps outside his beloved New York. But in this exclusive interview, Woody Allen talks about spending this summer filming in London - and how he's never been so happy
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