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Scarlett-inspired shirt // MONDAY, JAN 24, 2005
Diane, BoppoClothing President, informed me some days ago about a Scarlett Johansson-inspired shirt that her clothing company produces. You can view (and buy) it at their website: Boppo Clothing. It's the 11.30 P.M. Shirt you will have to look for.

I know I haven't answered many emails and affiliates requests - I'm really sorry. But I haven't forgotten you and I'll write soon.

Harpers & Queen / Empire / Calgary Sun // MONDAY, JAN 24, 2005
News As I said before, February issue of UK magazine Harpers & Queen is featuring a wonderful cover story on Scarlett. The article (that makes for a very interesting read):
» Scarlett fantastic (Harpers & Queen UK, February) And the scans:

Also February issue of UK filmmag Empire has something to say about Scarlett: in their feature: New Queens of Hollywood. This is the article:
» Scarlett Fever (Empire UK, February) And there is one scan here

Some days ago I found another article about Scarlett:
» Scarlett fever strikes (Calgary Sun, January 16)

Huge Gallery update // THURSDAY, JAN 20, 2005
News 'Dedicated to Scarlett Johansson' is finally at its new host: Fan-Sites.Org. The gallery is back! A BIG thank you for all the hard work involving the transfer of the site goes to Julio!! And there's been a huge update:

Some scans of photographs from the Set 'The Island'

Scans from the February issue of Esquire and additonal/original pictures from the photo shoot by Cliff Watts that was on the mag's homepage:

Scans from the February issue of Teen Vogue and behind-the-scenes pictures from the mag's homepage:

A new category for events in 2005. There are some pictures of the Golden Globes already, but there'll more soon.

And the pictures from the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno are also there. Steven Flores also wrote a report from the show. Read it here. Thanks a lot!

Esquire, Teen Vogue Articles // WEDNESDAY, JAN 19, 2005
News Both Esquire and Teen Vogue feature a cover story on Scarlett. These are the articles:
» That Voice (Esquire, February)
» Working Girl (Teen Vogue, February)

UK magazines to feature Scarlett in their February issues: Empire and Harper's & Queens (cover story)

New pictures in the forum // MONDAY, JAN 17, 2005
News Well, the gallery's still down - but please stop guessing about whether it'll come back. It WILL be back!

Anyway, pictures of Scarlett at the Golden Globes are here.
You can see pictures from the Jay Leno show here.
I know I said Scarlett would be appearing coming Wednesday at the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Well, I was wrong, it was last Wednesday. pictures

Golden Globes // MONDAY, JAN 17, 2005
News Well, the Golden Globes awards ceremony took place last night: Hilary Swank (costar 'The Black Dahlia') won the Best Actress - Drama award for her performance in 'Million Dollar Baby'. That left Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Scarlett Johansson and Imelda Staunton empty-handed. Note: Scarlett's nomination at the Golden Globes was a surprise anyway: all other awards have so far ignored her performance in 'A Love Song For Bobby Long'. What about Scarlett's own opinion? Upon hearing of her nomination she admitted she had a soft spot for 'Vera Drake' and its star Imelda Staunton (remember Scarlett was part of the jury in Venice who chose this very movie and actress as winners). A few days before the ceremony she backed Imelda to win the award. She said: "I don't want the award. Imelda is unbelievable." But in the end both of them didn't win.

UK release date for 'A Good Woman' // TUESDAY, JAN 11, 2005
News 'A Good Woman' will be released in the UK May 13, 2005 by Vertigo Distribution (who also informed me about this release date, thanks a lot for he info!)

Last Newsletter?? // TUESDAY, JAN 11, 2005
News I've somehow deleted the last two updates - does anyone still have the last newsletter I sent? Could you then please email it to me? Thanks in advance already. [edit]Tero has already sent me the updates. Wow! So quick!![/edit]

Multimedia on hiatus // THURSDAY, JAN 6, 2005
News Maybe you noticed: The site was de-activated for a day. That's because there are so many visitors. The wonderful Gertie from Fan-sites has accepted to host us. Until everything with the move etc will be okay the gallery is closed. I'm so sorry, but I hope it won't take too long. I'll post some new pictures in the forum.

Teen Vogue / M:I3 / Jay Leno for Tsunami victims // THURSDAY, JAN 6, 2005
News In February issue of Teen Vogue Scarlett Johansson and Topher Grace talk to Lauren Waterman about their careers and their film In Good Company. The issue will be on newsstands in the US January 11. Preview

From an interview with J.J. Abrams, director of 'M:I3', USA Today: Action scenes and special effects will remain an M:I-3 staple, Abrams says, but his take will focus on who Cruise's Ethan Hunt is, "not just what he can do."

Harley-Davison has donated a Road King motorcycle to the Tonight Show host, Jay Leno, who is having it signed by the celebrities who come to his set every night, including Scarlett Johansson. The chopper will be then be put up for sale on eBay. The raised money will go to the tsunami victims in Southeast Asia. (source)

Biography / Make Poverty History campaign / Stars of Tomorrow / TV Appearances // TUESDAY, JAN 4, 2005
News I've finally updated the biography. Last update was 10 months ago so there was quite something to add. You'll find the added/changed parts as of the 6th paragraph. Comments are very welcome :)

I've added some more pictures of Scarlett at the NBC Today Show. They were taken durin the google game. I still haven't received a detailed report from that sequence. Could someone please tell me about it? Thanks!! Apparently this site was mentioned...

At new year parties in London and Edinburgh Bona and Scarlett Johansson launched a worldwide year-long anti-poverty campaign. They appeared in a three-minute video that was screened at festivities in Trafalgar Square and Princes Street, Edinburgh, shortly after midnight. The video featured a montage of world leaders making promises about ending global poverty and images of children picking over a waste site in the Philippines. It highlighted the fact that every day 30,000 children die from starvation and malnutrition. Bono said: “We’re the first generation that can end extreme poverty. By that I mean the kind of stupid poverty that allows a child to die of hunger in a world of plenty.” Scarlett said “To make it the most powerful movement the world has ever known, we need all citizens around the world to stand up and be counted.” The Make Poverty History campaign, the brainchild of Richard Curtis, the screenwriter (who is taking a year off from film making movies in order to devote his time to the campaign), and Sir Bob Geldof, the Band Aid impresario, has the backing of hundreds of charities, trade unions and campaign groups. The initiative has been launched to coincide with Britain's chairing of the European Union and the G8 group of the world's most powerful industrialised countries, next year. "This is about firing the starting pistol to the year of 2005 when Britain is the chair of the G8 and the president of the EU," said Geldof. "The reality is that only politics created this dilemma and only politics can resolve it." Read full texts in the Forum or at BBc.Co.Uk.

More TV appearances are scheduled: Scarlett will appear at ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ January 19 together with Carl Reiner. And according to NBC.Com she will now be at 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' January 11. Other guests for that night are Gerard Butler and John Legend.

Again the Top Money-Making Star of 2004 have been named by Quigley Publishing Company's 72nd Annual Top Ten Money-Making Stars Poll. It’s Tom Hanks. Do you remember last year? Apart from the top ten list there are also the Stars of Tomorrow for 2004: one actor and one actress who the exhibitors feel will be Top Money-Makers in the years to come. The 2004 winners are Jamie Foxx and Scarlett Johansson. Johansson was also a Star of Tomorrow in 2003, the only person to be so named in consecutive years.





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