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Shooting: Oct. 25 - Feb. 24
The Island
Theatrical Release: Nov. 19, 04
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Theatrical Release: Dec. 29, 04
A Love Song For Bobby Long
Theatrical Release: Dec. 29, 04
In Good Company
Filming Completed
Woody Allen Summer Project
Theatrical Release (UK): May 13, 2005
A Good Woman
Shooting: March 05
The Black Dahlia
Shooting: Summer 05
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:. Friday, October 22, 2004
Do you live in Detroit?? Then you could be in Scarlett's next movie 'The Island'. According to Detroit Free Press casting directors are helding a casting call tomorrow, Saturday Oct 23 from noon to 4 p.m. at the Detroit Marriott Southfield, 27033 Northwestern Highway, Southfield. They're looking for 175 extras between 18 and 80 of varying sizes and ethnicities. The filmmakers are particularly looking for people who work in law enforcement or serve in the military - or look like they do. For more information on the casting call visit the website.

The site also gives more information on the movie itself. Michael Clarke Duncan is another member of the principal cast. The shooting in Detroit will take place from November 1 - 9. Scarlett and Ewan are expected to be in Detroit for all nine days. And the story of the movie takes place in 2044. According to ComingSoon! shooting will wrap February 24, 2005.

:. Thursday, October 21, 2004
As announced, Scarlett attended the 8th Annual Hollywood Film Festival over the weekend. On Sunday the US-premiere for 'A Love Song For Bobby Long' took place (pictures) and on Monday Scarlett awarded John Travolta with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Awards Gala (pictures). Scarlett had a lovely hairdo on both occasions. By the way, full-versions of Jmanin's HQ pictures are in the Forum.

I've made some screencaps from the two new trailers: In Good Company and A Love Song For Bobby Long (sorry for the bad quality).

Good news: talented actors Djimon Hounsou and Steve Buscemi have joined Scarlett and Ewan McGregor on 'The Island'.

And according to news reports Scarlett rushed from her South Africa vacation back to Los Angeles to have her tonsils removed (she had a fever). Remember, she was talking about her tonsils in an interview a couple of months ago (read).

:. Friday, October 15, 2004
'In Good Company' update: Watch the trailer at Yahoo! Movies. Visit the official site. Read reports from test screenings at IMDb and Ain't it Cool News.

:. Thursday, October 14, 2004
Franc has added some pictures. Most of them are from the set of 'Woody Allen Summer Project'. Thanks a lot! Nora has replaced some of the movies stills with HQ versions. Thank you!

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have re-written the script for 'The Island' that will begin shooting later this month and are re-writing the 'Mission Impossible 3' script. The two are otherwise also known for executive producing the 'Alias' series. By the way, DreamWorks is financing 'The Island' to fifty percent, the other studio producing is Warner Bros. The latter will also handle international distribution and DreamWorks domestic. The budget is estimated in the US$100mil range and the planned theatrical release is July 22.

Our new affiliates: SarahPolleyOrg and EwanMcGregorNet. Be sure to check out these excellent sites that have just been opened by Mariana (Ode To Azia) and Amelie (Chloe Online)

:. Thursday, October 7, 2004
I've closed the poll, 499 votes have been cast since August 11. The question was 'What is your favourite scene in 'Lost in Translation'?' The 3 winners are as follows:
1. Goodbye in the streets - End (26.3 %)
2. Karaoke (18.6 %)
3. Charlotte with Bob in his room (9.2 %)
To see how all of the 19 scenes did go here. Strangely, the scene with Bob (Bill Murray) sitting alone on his bed - picture of it is featured on the DVD case etc. - came in last. It only gained 0.2 % of all votes. I thought it to be such a realistic scene, I instantly remembered the first time I was in a hotel in a foreign country all by myself. But I guess the film is full of many 'real' scenes that leave an even bigger impression.

Anyway, if you thought this poll was a bit large in terms of the given choices, go and see the new one - there are nearly 30 choices. The question is 'Scarlett Johansson should again work with'. And you can choose an actor/actress you thought had really great chemistry with Scarlett or that you just really like.

:. Tuesday, October 5, 2004
Last Tuesday, Maxim Magazine and Bloomingdales organised a bowling event benefiting 'Rock The Vote'. So this was a rather political event. See pictures of Scarlett here. Thank you Juanma for the hq pictures. See the full HQ versions in the Forum.

And according to Yahoo! Movies 'Synergy' has a new name: 'In Good Company'. And it looks as if they will have a wide release from the beginning. I personally liked 'Synergy' better, what about you?





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