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:. Wednesday, September 29, 2004
'A Love Song For Bobby Long' got itself a distributor: Lions Gate Films has - as announced yesterday - licensed North American theatrical and pay TV distribution rights. They're planning a limited theatrical release for December 29 (NY, LA, Chicago, San Francisco) and a wide one for mid January. By the way, Lions Gate Films Releasing president Tom Ortenberg had the following to say about the film: "Shainee Gabel has directed John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson to the best performances of their careers. We are proud to be associated with this talented new filmmaking voice, and to be bringing her feature film debut to audiences across America this holiday season."

Also yesterday, it was confirmed that the film will close the Hollywood Film Festival. It will be shown on October 17. Watch a trailer at this Italian site. It is a mixture of trailer and on-Set-interviews.

The new polaroid photograph from the Venice Film Festival is online - in the gallery. And Calvin Klein will bring the 55 seconds long 'Eternity Moment' ad to US theatres - with the help of Sreenvision. This is the first time CK is using theatre advertising for a fragrance.

:. Tuesday, September 28, 2004
A new article:
» Lost in Johansson (Cosmopolitan UK, October)
One big mistake in the article: They say Scarlett got an Oscar nomination - in fact she didn't.

You can find the one new picture the magazine had in the general A-F gallery.

I've scanned some pictures from the Japanese movie magazine 'Cut' - they're at the end of the gallery for 'Lost in Translation'.

'A Love Song For Bobby Long' is set to close the upcoming Hollywood Film Festival (October 12-18). The official film line-up isn't out yet, though. So it's not yet confirmed.

Mark Wahlberg is apparently out of 'The Black Dahlia'. He couldn't manage all the various projects. Instead he's now doing the sequel to The Italian Job. source

And read more in the forum about Scarlett maybe soon hosting Saturday Night Life.

Our new affiliate: Jacinda Barrett Online - the first website dedicated to the Australian beauty, run by Rose, from our family site 'Loving Gabriel Macht'.

:. Thursday, September 23, 2004
I finally got to scan some articles that have been around at my home for months....
» Red-Hot Scarlett Johansson (Sky UK, September 2004)
» Red-Hot Scarlett (W, August 2004)
» Portrait of a Teenage Prodigy (You, December 14, 2003)
» Their Freak is On (Seventeen, August 2002)
» Scarlett Fever! (The Face, October 2001)
» The Horse Whisperer's rising star (MoxieGirl, Summer 1998)
The last one is really interesting since it's one of the first interviews ever with Scarlett! She also talks about the Academy Awards...

:. Tuesday, September 21, 2004
The reason why Scarlett wasn't in Toronto is she's on vacation in South Africa. I guess, that's something she deserves as she's been working constantly. Apparently Jared Leto is there as well, shooting a film.

Finally, I've finished the Screen Caps for 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'. And since I was already capping I also made some caps of 'The Perfect Score' and its Making Of. Enjoy!

:. Friday, September 17, 2004
On Wednesday the world premiere of 'A Good Woman' took place at the Toronto Film Festival. Helen Hunt, Tom Wilkinson, Mark Umbers and Stephen Campell Moore all attended, but Scarlett was absent. How sad... Has anyone of you been there to see the movie?

:. Thursday, September 16, 2004
Welcome to the new layout!! How do you like it? Please welcome the new versions of the site in Danish, Italian and French. Thanks for these go to Katrine, Rossella and Olivier. The translated versions are gradually becoming complete. Unfortunately, I didn't have as much time to finish everything of the new layout as I thought I'd have. So the missing files will soon (next week) be up.

Well, the Venice Film Festival is over and Scarlett, together with the other jury members, picked 'Vera Drake' as best film. That's a Britsh film about abortion in the 1950's. Scarlett wore a lovely red dress to a beautiful hairdo at the awards ceremony. See some pictures.

Also at the closing night, Scarlett received the 'Premio Wella Cinema Donna 2004' by the Wella firm. What makes Scarlett worthy of this prize? "She's young and determinated, she's here to stay. Her performance in 'A Love Song for Bobby Long' confirms her promising debut at the Lido last year with 'Lost in Translation'", says Pappi Corsicato. Thanks Franc for the heads up. (translation by me, very freely). See pictures of the Photo Call for this. The award is a gold necklace.

When I said that 'A Love Song For Bobby Long' got positive reviews, this is more true for the Italian reviews. To learn more about the rather mixed English reviews visit the Forum. The film is showing in some Italian towns already and will officially open in Italy on October 8.

Scarlett Johansson is among the nominees for Best International Actress at this year's Irish Film and Televison awards. It's probably one of the last nominations for her role in 'Lost in Translation'.

I've added all those sites that lately applied for affiliates. Sorry for the long delay!

September issue of Premiere has a fall movies preview. In the section about 'Synergy' they write that Topher Grace said, that Scarlett - according to her own words - had the best screen kiss ever in this flick. Further on in the magazine they list 'dream roles' of various actors. Scarlett's dream role is apparently Scarlett o'Hara because she's going through every possible emotional state one could possibly be in, yet remains the same persona.

:. Wednesday, September 8, 2004
News reports just announced that Scarlett Johansson has confirmed her appearance at the Toronto Film Festival later this month. She will be there promoting 'A Good Woman' also starring Helen Hunt.

And would you like to see the absolutely wonderful Calvin Klein Ad? Click here

Last Friday, the announced charity event benefiting amfAR Cinema against AIDS took place. Scarlett was hosting it together with Jeremy Irons. See the pictures. Thanks to everyone who contributed pictures of Scarlett at the Venice Film Festival!!

:. Friday, September 3, 2004
OK, the Venice Film Festival is in full swing. BBC News has a story about political activities surrounding the Festival (protests).

Now for Scarlett related things. On Wednesday the jury was presented. Watch a video here. Later that day the Festival opened with the presentation of 'The Terminal'. See pictures here. And Boston Herald.Com had the following Scarlett item:

Juror Scarlett Johansson took Venice's famed canals as a cue and arrived in a sea-green Louis Vuitton dress with a dazzling emerald necklace. "It's an incredible honor and it's going to be fun," she said. "I'm figuring out how I'm going to fit in 22 films in 11 days - but I will do it!" Is judging movies easier than making them? "I hope so," she said, then laughing. Another plus is having a film premiere here out of competition - her latest indie drama, "A Love Song for Bobby Long" with John Travolta. "It helps take the pressure off. I'm excited because I haven't seen the final print yet. John and I are seeing it together."

Yesterday, Scarlett dedicated herself to 'A Love Song For Bobby Long'. See pictures of the Photo Call and the premiere here. And this is what she said about the filming: "New Orleans is a character itself in the film. And its such a sexy, dirty hot place to be, that I think it influenced all of us pretty much. It's such a spiritual place that the eclipse the characters make in the film couldn't really happen anywhere else, I think."

The film itself is getting positive reviews. Read one here.

And some trivia: "When a swooning Chilean journalist professed his love to her and asked what film she would choose for them to co-star in, the actress named "Single White Female."





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