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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
There's an article about Scarlett promoting 'Eternity Moment' by Calvin Klein in the new issue of British Glamour.
» Scarlett Woman (Glamour UK, September)

More pictures of Scarlett in the ads and promoting the new fragrance: View.

And a big Thank You goes to Steven who scanned a new Synergy picture from Entertainment Weekly.

Tomorrow, the Venice Film Festival takes off. As of today Starwood Hotels & Resorts has a live webcam on their website. Maybe you might get to see Scarlett.

Friday, August 27, 2004
Scarlett is in final negotiations to star in another movie: Michael Bay's sci-fi thriller 'The Island' starring Ewan McGregor. The DreamWorks feature centers on a "harvested being" who suddenly becomes self-aware and tries to escape the utopian facility where he and others are being kept. Johansson will play a woman who is the only one that McGregor's character can trust. She also is pregnant with her "sponsor's" child. An Oct. 25 filming start is planned. (source).

Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Updates on the 'problematic' status of 'The Black Dahlia': According to ContactMusic filming has been delayed to winter. Mark Wahlberg has dropped out of his winter project 'Every Word is True' - so that would leave him free. Josh Hartnett could just be able to make it in time - he's filming a new film as of November. Scarlett shouldn't have anything on her winter programme anyway. With the new shooting date, Scarlett has no problems finishing her jury duty at the Venice Film Festival. And she could be so kind to make an appearance at the Toronto Film Festival (there's no confirmation of that yet!!), Josh and Mark are there anyway, so the three of them could talk 'Dahlia' matters... Josh confirmed he's going to play a boxer when he appeared on MTV's TRL yesterday.

There's a full-sized version of Scarlett in the Louis Vuitton Ad. There have been added quite some additional Wallpapers recently.

And the political anti-Bush ads sponsored by MoveOn.Org went online yesterday. Probably, they'll never get aired on TV. Scarlett doesn't exactly appear in one of the ads, but she's lending her voice to a stewardess in an animated ad. (more info on 'her' ad in this site's update from June 16)

Last but not least, production on the Woody Allen film has been completed.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004
And here we go - another update: 'A Good Woman' will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival next month. Exact screening time: September 15 at 9.30pm.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Yes! The first pictures from 'A Love Song for Bobby Long'! Thanks to Jmanin we've got them online. View them here.

ComingSoon also has the first publicity still from Synergy featuring Scarlett. You can have a look at it here.

And thanks to Alisa we've got more unpublished pictures from photo shoots. They're all here.

And we're part of the 'Loving Gabriel Macht' family and Diane Krueger.Net is our new affiliate.

Thursday, August 20, 2004
More information about the Venice Film Festival. ‘A Love Song For Bobby Long’ will be shown at the following times:
Thursday, September 2, 2004: 17.15 in the Sala Grande
Friday, September 3, 2004: 15.00 in the Palatim

Official radio for the Film Festival is CNRPlus and RaiSat is the official TV Channel.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Well, this is already quite ‚old’ news: but last Thursday, there was more news on what is happening with ‚Mission Impossible 3’. Last thing we knew was that director Joe Carnahan left the project (before, it was David Fincher who pulled out) and that the shooting start (August 23) was in question. Now, Tom Cruise’s first choice J.J. Abrams is on board to direct. And shooting is being delayed a year till Summer 2005. No word of change of cast yet.

This means probably that Scarlett is free to work on ‘The Black Dahlia’, which is supposed to start shooting next month.

The reason why I put this so vaguely is because early this month an assistant of Mark Wahlberg said at the message board at the actor's official Web site that production is on hold - depending on the schedules of the people involved. Now, that Scarlett's 'problem'-project (M:I-3) has been delayed as has been Mark Wahlberg's ('Every Word Is True', new start date: January 1, 2005. Previously: November 15), everything seems to be clear for shooting of 'The Black Dahlia' to begin in September. (Scarlett will spend the first 11 days at the Venice Film Festival, though...)

Anyway, according to a recent interview, Josh Hartnett has been getting ready for his role as a boxer in the film by adhering to a strict training regime, taking training vitamins and refraining from sugar, cigarettes, and beer. It sounds like he has already invested a lot of his time into ‘The Black Dahlia’ role. As Hartnett was the first actor to sign on for the De Palma film, it sounds like it's one he is taking very seriously. And how did Josh Hartnett meet Scarlett? Through Sofia Coppola, who directed each of them in separate films. This just reminds me of the fact, that I’m still wondering why Josh got a ‘Thanks’ credit in ‘Lost in Translation’....... To find out all the news going on with this project do as I did and visit this great de Palma site.

During the 61st Venice International Film Festival Scarlett and Jeremy Irons will chair the AmFar Cinema Against AIDS event. The actual dinner and live auction will be held September 3 at the Giorgio Cini Foundation on the isle of San Giorgio. Guests include Davide Croff and Marco Muller.

And some news on 'Eternity Moment' - the new Calvin Klein fragrance (Scarlett's the spokeswoman for this product): "This latest Calvin Klein fragrance is an addition to its Eternity line and will be available in department stores next month. The fragrance is priced at $60 for 3.4 ounces."

Then there’s a new site (again) about Scarlett Johansson: Site français. Even if you don’t speak French, go and visit it, it’s looking great!

And we have been nominated twice at the new website awards site Twinnies Awards! Please vote for us in the categories: ‘Best Content - Artist’ and ‘Greatest Webmaster - Artist’. Thank you so much for voting and Andreia for nominating us :-)

And about that interview with Scarlett on the German Lost in Translation DVD: I've made a transcript, read it here.

Thursday, August 12, 2004
I've scanned and added that Calvin Klein Ad. View it here. There are also some pictures of Scarlett with Jared Leto from last weekend here. And some more pictures from the Woody Allen film set. View

The Evening Standard has a whole article about what Scarlett has been up to in London. What she’s been ordering, where she’s staying, who she’s been hanging out with and so on and on. They say she’s spending her time in London “rather like a 1920s American heiress on a European Grand Tour”. Additionally, they say also this: “In fairness, those who have met Johansson on the social circuit have been surprised by her demeanour. "She's very non-diva," says Camilla Rutherford, star of Gosford Park and the new face of Max Factor, who was introduced to Johansson at the Cartier event. "She was very low-key, extremely un-grand, just a pleasant young girl, to be honest."”

This may come a bit of a surprise, as it was exactly the same actress who according to previous news reports was rather disappointed by Scarlett when she didn’t want to get photographed with her. So that’s once again a proof that one just can’t believe celebrity gossip.

The article also has some information on the film itself (although Woody Allen tries to keep as much as possible to himself): “…. working on location across the capital, mainly in Notting Hill, Marylebone, Bond Street and Belgravia. The film itself is said to be a gentle satire on young London society, a send-up of the vanities and indulgences of a monied and spoilt set, with even art collector Charles Saatchi reported to have been offered a walk-on part as himself.”

A few days ago, The Guardian had an interview with Woody Allen. And in it he said the following about Scarlett: “And Scarlett is of course just a natural great actress. She can do no wrong, incapable of a bad moment. Very sexy, very pretty. She was just touched by God.'”

I have updated & re-organised the affiliates section. I'm no longer linking back with buttons because the page would take too long to load.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004
The following deserves a separate update. Mel has created her own Scarlett site. Go and visit it here Scarlett Johanssan Fan. The most active forum visitors may already know her. Since her site's linking to our forum she's one of the new admins (all the Admins of the Forum: Maria, Julio, Nadine and Mel).

2 other new Scarlett sites: Scarlett Online and Lost in Johansson.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004
I've just bought the September issue of German magazine 'Joy'. They feature a full-sized picture of the Calvin Klein Ad!!!! Also the September issue of UK Marie Claire has two new Louis Vuitton Ads. But unfortunately, they feature Christina Ricci and Chloë Sevigny. So, please check the various issues for one featuring Scarlett!!!!!

I’ve finally closed the poll. I actually never intended to let it run for such a long time, but then I never had the time to set up a new one. Anyway, about the results. Which soundtrack would make number 1 probably never was a question. A total of 745 (!) votes have been cast:

Results - What’s your favourite soundtrack?
1) Lost in Translation 73.2 %
2) Girl with a Pearl Earring 11.9 %
3) The Perfect Score 5 %
4) The Horse Whisperer 4.8 %
5) The Man Who Wasn’t There 3.5 %
6) An American Rhapsody 1.1 %
7) Home Alone 3 0.5%

‘Lost in Translation’ being the film that probably most of you have seen, the next poll is about it. The question is ‘What’s your favourite scene in ‘Lost in Translation’?’ And there are nearly 20 options to choose from. So, I’m really looking forward to the results of this poll.

What most editions of the ‘Lost in Translation’ DVD are missing is extras with Scarlett. Not so the German DVD. I’ve added the screen caps of the interview with her here. There is also some ‘Behind the Scenes’-footage that was also in the featurette that Nadine had made screen caps of. I too have added some caps (because of better quality) here.

And I’ve found some additional information on ‘A Love Song for Bobby Long’ at the Italian Yahoo! Movies site: Scarlett’s character is called Pursy (short for Purselane) Hominy Will, John Travolta plays Bobby Long and Gabriel Macht plays Lawson Pines. And apparently Scarlett’s character will discover a secret that could change her life forever.

I've also added all the caps of the deleted scenes from 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'. See them here.

And the September issue of ‘Teen People’ features a new picture of Scarlett. See it here.





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