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// NEWS JUNE 2004

Wednesday, June 30, 2004
In yesterday's morning paper was a tiny news item about Kate Winslet dropping out of the new Woody Allen movie - reportedly because she wants to spend more time with her family. I was wondering about who might be replacing her - and quickly thought about Scarlett, but then dropped it because it seems so unlikely. But when I was checking the news on the net a bit later, what did I see? Scarlett is in fact replacing Kate Winslet. The plot is still a secret, but Scarlett will be playing a sexy young woman. Other stars attached are Emily Mortimer and 'Bend it like Beckham'-star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. The untitled feature goes under the name 'Woody Allen Summer Project' on the IMDb. Production is due shortly at London's Ealing Studios. You may wonder how Scarlett can be in London while she's supposed to be filming 'The Black Dahlia'. But when I was on vacation - on June 9 - Dark Horizon reported that the filming date has been pushed back from late May to early August, and that it will start in Italy. So there's your answer. But I've thought of a new problem: Mission Impossible 3's filming start is August 1. How will Scarlett manage this?

And over the last weekend the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, org has sent out invitations to join the org to 127 industry artists and executives. Among them is Scarlett, Sofia Coppola, Keisha Castle-Hughes and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Read the Variety article here.

And a bit more about Scarlett's political activity: She's part of democrat canditate John Kerry's 'Honorary Committee Members'. Other members are Ben Affleck, Leonado Di Caprio, Colin Hanks, Christina Applegate, Eliza Dushku, Seth Green, Jason Biggs, Kirsten Dunst, Jon Lovitz and William H.Macy. On July 6 a fundraising event for his presidential campaign will take place. While the event is being billed as "In honour of John Kerry" the general admission is an impressive $150, with a hefty price tag of $500 for tickets for the private VIP lounge. Scarlett is supposed to be there too.

And yes! The first Calvin Klein ad with Scarlett and Trent Ford is out :)) See it here.

There are new pictures: Celebrity, Entertainment Weekly and Set 'Lost in Translation'.

And I've started to make caps for 'Girl with a Pearl Earring': Anatomy of a Scene and Making Of. I especially like the latter because it has footage from when Scarlett went to The Hague to see the real painting. And we see Scarlett when she's just had her mullet cut.

Yesterday was the release day of the DVD 'The Perfect Score' in the US. And today I've uploaded some 'Behind-the-Scenes' pictures.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Well, I am now back and trying to catch up on things. A big thank you to Julio who kept the site & gallery running and who managed the site's email correspondance. Also thanks a lot to all the participants of the Forum for keeping it up to date!

Scarlett has had quite some coast to coast flying. In New York, where she was filming 'Synergy' last month (filming first started in Los Angeles), she also attended the Launch Party of Calvin Klein's new fragrance 'Eternity Moment' on June 3. In fact, she was hosting the party, which took place at luxurious Hotel Gansevoort. She caused quite a stir by demanding that the press were "disinvited". According to IMDb The party publicist said, "I am so sorry, but they are not allowing anyone up in the party. Scarlett really just wants to enjoy herself, so they are now just telling me that press has to basically get what they need on the red carpet." Johansson's publicist insists, "This had to do with capacity issues more than anything else."

Then, on June 5, she was in Los Angeles for the 13th annual MTV Movie Awards. She was one of the presenters - together with Jake Gyllenhaal - and was nominated for 'Breakthrough Female' but lost to Lindsay Lohan. The show aired on Thursday, June 10.

Only a day later, on June 6, she made an appearance at the 58th annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York. She was one of the presenters - even though she has never appeared on Broadway. She presented the Best Actress award to Phyillcia Ryshad with Ethan Hawke, with whom she appeared in an off-Broadway play 11 years ago. He told her he should've been nicer to her years ago. And when the cast of "Avenue Q" performed "It Sucks to Be Me," a smiling Scarlett echoed "It sucks to be me,", as she waits in the wings to present an award with Ethan. Then, turning to Hawke: "It sucks to be you." (Last part according to Yahoo! News).

Thanks a lot to Ruth, Jmanin and Russel for contributing pictures for these events.

According to DarkHorizons Scarlett is now back in Los Angeles rehearsing stunts and weapon work for 'Mission Impossible 3'. And apparently shooting is to start August 23.

If wearing a badge supporting a democrat candidate to the premiere of 'The Perfect Score' was Scarlett's first public political activity, this is even more active (quote from various news reports):

Recognizing how eyes glaze over when confronted with traditional appeals, Democrats are turning to Hollywood messengers in their quest to uproot President Bush this fall. At least 10 such ads are being readied to run before the November election -- all funded by MoveOn.org, a liberal advocacy group largely backed by billionaire George Soros.

A comely cartoon stewardess, voiced by Scarlett Johansson, lights the cigar of a nervous businessman, read by Kevin Bacon. "How's the reconstruction going?" he's asked. "Great," he replies, "I mean profitable. Very profitable." As a plane full of businessmen strap on parachutes, grabbing their briefcases and guns, the announcer asks: "What if the same men who profited from the war had to fight it?"

And sorry Jmanin, but I replaced your Elle scans with mine, they are a bit larger. And here is the article, called 'Girl with a Career on Fire'.

Tuesday, June 8, 2004
Breen Kevin sent me this quote from The US Weekly Scarlett.
Referring to other actors telling her to avoid
overexposure and make fewer movies, she said:

"You take care of your career, and I'll figure out mine. But thanks for caring."

Thanks to Jmanin we've got 10 scans from the June issue of Elle, you can see it here

Thanks to Ruth we've got some new photos of the Synergy set, you can see it here

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