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// NEWS APRIL 2004

Friday, April 30, 2004
Yes, I posted something about this before. Louis Vuitton has apparently really signed Scarlett for their automn campaign. As of yet no info about whether the other actresses will be part of it too.

'The Sun' describes this as Scarlett's £3 million role and that she beat competition from the likes of Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Monica Bellucci and Catherine Zeta Jones. Scarlett's glamorous 1950s look reportedly made a difference. A source said: “Scarlett has been chosen because she’s young with classic looks that hint at a bygone age. She’s classy and intelligent and fits the brand perfectly.”

Wednesday, April 28, 2004 (2)
Scarlett will be in Mission Impossible 3. She is to play an ally of Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt character.

Quotes from Scarlett about that event at the Metropolitan Museum:

"I took a nap and ate a bagel. I need the energy! I haven't been in New York for a long time, so I basically stayed in my bedroom and stared at the rain."

"Comfort or style? I try to incorporate one and the other. You never want to be uncomfortable because then you look uncomfortable."

Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Jmanin has uploades his great screen caps of the 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'-inspired music video Girl with a Pearl. They look really great!

Other new pictures: Costume Party at the Metropolitan Museum on Monday, Synergy Set, Calvin Klein shoot Set and Out&About; in L.A..

There's a new Scarlett Johansson site. It looks really good and is promising (I really love the graphics!!). Our new affiliates: Scarlett J Com and Sublime Catherine.

Friday, April 23, 2004
Ever wondered why Scarlett said 'umm' 18 times during her Bafta acceptance speech? Find out in the new Vogue article:
» This year's blonde, Vogue UK, May

Thursday, April 22, 2004
Scarlett got a MTV nomination! This is her category:

Lindsay Lohan - Freaky Friday
Scarlett Johansson - Lost in Translation
Keira Knightley - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Jessica Biel - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Evan Rachel Wood - Thirteen

Vote for Scarlett at MTV.Com in the section 'Breakthrough Female'! MTV Movie Awards Airs on June 10th at 9PM (ET/PT) The winners will be determined by MTV and MTV2 viewers, and only Virgin Mobile USA customers will be able to vote from the "*MTV" area on their phone screens, found under "VirginXtras." In addition, votes can be cast from April 21 through May 19 online by visiting MTV.com or by telephone at 900-868-1100 at 99 cents per call (must be 18 years or older to call).

Then I found out about Box Office Prophets - 2004 Calvin Awards. Scarlett & Lost In Translation did pretty well:

Best Actress
1 Scarlett Johansson Lost in Translation 111 Points (followed by Keisha Castle-Hughes 94)
A tradition is developing in this category. Each year, the women who have gotten the most first place votes have failed to generate enough bottom of ballot consideration to win. Last year, Naomi Watts got the most overall votes without garnering a single first place nod. Out of the 2003 selections, there were six other actresses who got as much first place recognition as our winner, Scarlett Johannson of Lost in Translation.
In the end, we finally settled upon Ms. Johannson's winning portrayal of a desperately lonely Sofia Coppola-like character trapped in a Japanese hotel. This accidental tourist is a lost soul searching for meaning and understanding in a spiritual land where she unfortunately doesn't speak the language. While her more recognized peer, Bill Murray, is getting all of the attention for (arguably) the finest performance of his career, it is actually Johannson who anchors Lost in Translation. Through her eyes, the audience comes to appreciate the excitement and novelty of learning the customs and culture of a foreign country. As Johansson's character, Charlotte, manages to escape the crippling depression of her existence, the very world around her begins to burst with kinetic energy. The shots that reflect her wide-eyed attempts to take it all in are among the finest cinematic moments of 2003.
What separated everyone's favorite Japanese tourist from the rest of the pack was her popularity among those who didn't feel she offered the best performance of the year. While only one person felt she was the very best, 82% of our voters felt she was one of the best. Even more staggering is the fact that over half the people surveyed thought she offered one of the best two performances of the year. They simply vacillated on whether she was the very best, but in the end, the results are clear that she was far and away the group's overall favorite.

Best Breakthrough Performance
2 Scarlett Johansson Lost in Translation 46 Points
Yes, the precocious 14-year-old star of Whale Rider is our selection as most impressive breakthrough performance. She outpaced second place finisher Scarlett Johansson by an astounding 60 points, even though the Lost in Translation star trumped Castle-Hughes in the best actress category. The reason for this discrepancy is really pretty simple: Johannson isn't exactly new on the scene, as she received a fair amount of critical attention for her performance in Ghost World in 2000 (she also had some notice for The Man Who Wasn't There in 2001). Castle-Hughes, on the other hand, is an ingénue in the truest since of the world.
Nineteen-year-old Scarlett Johansson continues the charge of the youth movement here. Her role as the abandoned Charlotte in Lost in Translation was a driving force in the success of the film. Considering that she celebrated her 18th birthday during the filming of this Sofia Coppola project, her poise and her ability to play a character about four or five years older than her actual age are impressive. Johansson has several upcoming films on her plate: A Love Song for Bobby Long, A Good Woman, the Chris Weitz/Paul Weitz comedy Synergy, and the long-in-pre-production Black Dahlia.

Lost in Translation was featured in the following categories:
Best Scene / 3 Karaoke Night 53 Points / 4 Bob Whispers in Charlotte's Ear 47 Points
Best Screenplay / 1 Sofia Coppola 103 Points
Best Use of Music / 2 Lost in Translation 80 Points
Best Picture / 1 Lost in Translation 122 Points
Best Director / 2 Sofia Coppola 112 Points
Best Actor / 1 Bill Murray 138 Points

To find out more about the Calvin Awards visit the site online.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004
There you go, some new articles:
» Scarlett in Bloom (New York Magazine, February 16)
» BeautyTalk : Scarlett Johansson (InStyle, January)
» In Step with Scarlett Johansson (Parade, December 7)

Now it seems that the option that Scarlett will work with Julia Stiles (see Poll) isn't fictional anymore. Vogue UK reports that Luis Vuitton has signed up Scarlett, Julia and Chloe Sevigny for their winter season.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Ali who owned Colin Firth Online and is one of the busy contributors to this site has closed all of her sites (including the one on Colin) but one. And this one is our new affiliate: Faith Hill - Arc of Beauty. Other new affiliates are Andrea Parker ONLINE and The Fellowship of Dominic Monaghan

Yesterday I noticed that the German InStyle now has that Beauty Talk that already the US and UK issues had. So I did some scanning and I will upload the new articles as soon as possible.

Ricardo has added the splendid pictures from UK Vogue, May. View them here.

The poll has closed. The question was 'What are you looking forward to?' and a total of 350 votes have been cast. The results are:

1. Calvin Klein Campaign (28.3 %)
2. A Good Woman (23.7 %)
3. The Black Dahlia (22.3 %)
4. A Love Song for Bobby Long / Synergy (both 12.9 %)

A big Thank you to everyone who has participated. A new poll question is already online: 'Scarlett Johansson should work with' and you can choose one of 12 actresses.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Scarlett made the list of Maxim's Hot 100 - she is #13. In Australian WHO People magazine's 25 Most Beautiful People she came in at #25. And a bit longer ago, Film Review published their Survey 'Girl Power' where Scarlett is #2, beaten only by Keira Kneightley. More about the Maxim List can be found here. It also says that VH1 will air a 1-hour special June 13th at 10:00 P.M. featuring interviews. Hopefully, Scarlett will be among them!.

I don't know when it goes on sale, but Scarlett is on the cover of the British Vogue, May. There are some copies available on ebay.

Over the weekend I didn't check emails. Since I received many GREAT pictures, the mailbox was full. This means that if you've written on Sunday or yesterday, I probably didn't get your mail. Sorry. About the new pics. Mariana sent me large versions of the A Good Woman Set pics and when Scarlett was out on March 31. Those are in the miscellanous section. Kim from The Topher Grace Fansite sent me some pictures that might be from the Synergy Set. Over the past weeks there have been added many Wallpapers. Most of them are made by George - and they look just GREAT!. There are also some more videos.

Thursday, April 8, 2004
ET! showed a brief Making Of of the Calvin Klein Ads. Scarlett is shooting together with Trenton Ford and Jmanin has made Screen Caps.

Last week, i got a mail from GettyImages that it's not allowed to use their pictures, even though I used the watermarked ones... Anyway, it's now been a week that they are deleted and I'm kind of sad. But I have found some new pictures (when Scarlett was younger): Premiere 'Blast From The Past' and miscellanous.

Other new pictures: Details Mag & DKNY Jeans Next Hollywood Party (thanks Mariana), Legally Blonde 2 Premiere, Time Out London and pictures from The Sunday Telegraph Magazine 1, 2.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004
Ok, there you go, these are all my new affiliates:
Mad about Helen, Elijah Wood Online, Travolta Fever, Anna Paquin Fan, Clea Duvall Net, Katherine Moennig Net, Michelle Pfeiffer - The Face, Fabulous: Sarah Jessica Parker and Deeply Depp.

Tuesday, April 6, 2004
Sorry for the recent lack of updates, but I have been very busy. As you can see the news page has a new look. Please support this site by rating it. Go here.

Apparently there is some competition between two Napoleon projects. Read the Variety article here. We will have to wait to see the outcame....

Then, our site is 'Site of the Month' in April at Walking in Daydreams - Keira Kneightley and at Christina Ricci ws. Thank you Kathy and Riikka & Corissa! See the awards here.

I believe Scarlett is featured in the April/May issue of ElleGirl and the FHM sexiest women in the world issue. If that's correct and anyone has a copy - could you please scan it?

Kevin informed me that the 30th Anniversary special issue of PEOPLE has the results of a series of readership polls. In FAVORITE ACTRESS UNDER 25, Scarlett had 3% of the votes. That's NOT as bad as it sounds. That placed her FIFTH in the poll, after Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie and Kirsten Dunst. For an actress with as relatively recent and little exposure compared to those four the fact that she made the cut at all is telling (there were only 5 selected).

He also sent me this Scarlett bit from a recent PEOPLE issue: "Long before she won leading roles in films like "Lost in Translation," Scarlett Johansson endured her share of casting agents. "I remember a weird audition when I was 10. I gave this great reading, but the woman stopped me and said, 'Scarlett, do you accept Jesus as your savior?' I was like: 'I don't know. My parents are atheists.' she said: 'Oh, really? So what does that make you?' and I said, 'Um, a 10-year-old?'"

And in a recent interview Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock was asked about when he was interviewed by Scarlett Johansson. The Oregonian reported on April 2: "In the April 2002 issue of Interview magazine, you're interviewed by ("Lost in Translation" star) Scarlett Johansson. Have you talked with her since she became an art-house sensation? Yeah, of course -- I see her all the time. I couldn't be more proud of her. She just has a phenomenal old soul. We did that interview when she was like 16. She was a big fan of mine from back when I was wrestling -- so when they approached her to do the interview, she jumped all over it."

I've uploaded screen caps from Ghost World, The Man Who Wasn't There and Scarlett's family in Manny&Lo.; There's also a Behind the Scenes picture from 'The Man Who....'

I'll do more soon, like answer some emails and add affiliates....





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