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Friday, January 30, 2004
Scarlett didn't win a Golden Globe - even though she was nominated twice - and didn't get a Nomination for an Oscar. Both is a shame regarding her excellent performance in 'Lost in Translation'. I can't speak for GwaPE because I haven't yet seen that film.

But life goes on.... Scarlett has signed on for a new project: 'The Black Dahlia' opposite Josh Hartnett and Mark Wahlberg under the direction of Brian de Palma. The film is an adaption by Josh Friedman of the James Ellroy novel, which tells the fictional account of the notorious 1947 murder of Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Short. Variety further reports that Scarlett is playing Kay, a doppelganger for the title character, and the object of affection for two police officers (Hartnett and Wahlberg) investigating the brutal murder. Shooting begins on May 24 in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Due to extreme bandwith use of this site I was forced to close it on very short notice. But luckily for this site I was able to find an easy way to solve the problem - so 'Dedicated to Scarlett Johansson' has re-opened.

I used the new layout - even though it wasn't really finished yet. So some sites might not yet be working the way they should. Also the whole gallery section isn't back online yet. But we're working on it, so it shouldn't take to long.

Some new articles:
» The Next Big Thing (Film review (UK), February)
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Some new articles for 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' (most mentioned to me by Lance, thanks!!)
» Girl with a Pearl Earring, IGN.Com, December 11, 2003
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» Girl with a Pearl Earring, Phase9 Entertainment, December 18, 2003
» An earring & an enigma, Mercury News, December 27, 2003
» 'Pearl Earring' caps banner year for Scarlett Johansson, Tri City Herald, January 11, 2004

And one more for 'Lost in Translation': (also mentioned to me by Lance):
» Interviews Sofia Coppola and Scarlett Johansson Imdb.Com, September 2003

Well, even though I have lately uploaded many articles, there are some more....

Tuesday, January 20, 2004
Note about the pictures: that's not because the pictures aren't uploaded properly or because the links are broken. It's because this site is one of the largest on the Crosswinds.Net server. I now have to upgrade it! Hopefully, the problem will be solved soon. And beware, today's update is really l a r g e :))

New wallpapers, thank you Gwen and Belinda

New articles (most of them mentioned to me by Lance, thank you):
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Last month, I already posted some sort of reaction from Scarlett to her double Golden Globe Nomination. I have now put together some sort of page about that and more. This might shorten the waiting time until the results a bit. Sunday (Golden Globes) will be an important day for Scarlett - and Tuesday too, that's when the Nominations for the prestigious Oscars are announced.

Until then, the awards season continues. The BAFTA Nominations are out: Scarlett is up for two Best Actress Awards! The awards ceremony itself will be hosted by Stephen Fry at the Odeon in Leicester Square (London) on February 15.

Quigley Publishing Co. conducted its annual survey of motion picture exhibitors to determine the Top Ten Money-Making Stars of the past year. The also look for the Stars of Tomorrow. For 2003 the actor and actress they feel will be top moneymakers in the years to come are Ashton Kutcher and Scarlett Johansson.

Then the Los Angeles Critics Association has announced the winners for their awards. While Bill Murray won the best actor prize Scarlett didn't win in any of the main categories, but was awarded the New Generation Award. Their awards ceremony takes place a day after the Golden Globes, January 26.

As you can see, Scarlett is really busy. Reports Yahoo! News quoting Variety that this year the awards season is quite intense. Like that there are no clear front-runners and that the Oscars take place earlier this year. And there is the constant handicapping of who's in and who's out. It says also "There have been more parties, more Q&A; Sessions, more 'for your consideration' ads than ever before." I haven't yet been able to put some of those ads on the site, but they're coming.

About the Q&A; sessions, I know when two of those for GwaPE took place. In New York on November 10 and in Los Angeles on November 14. To see pictures of the one in New York you have to visit Firth.Com. Dedicated to Scarlett Johansson has found 4 pictures of Scarlett Johansson at the BAFTA/LA Q&A; session.

The previously mentioned news report continues: "For the actors, it's harder to keep up appearances, especially when the globe-trotting has landed some of the contenders in sick bay. 'I sleep whenever I can. I sleep on the plane,' says 19-year-old 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'/'Lost in Translation' star Scarlett Johansson. (In addition to participating in awards season, she's also filming indie feature 'A Good Woman' in Italy.) "But sometimes your brain just keeps winding around all kinds of issues and you never get the full eight or nine hours or whatever it is you need. I'm not that healthy, actually. I have a sinus infection, bad skin and bags under my eyes. It's basically a lot of makeup." But the actress is not complaining. "The way I see it, you are paid to do the press for a film, more than you are to be on set."

Well, judging by the following pictures, Scarlett looks very beautiful - despite the whole stress:

Last Saturday, Scarlett was presenting the Best Picture Award at the Producers Guild Awards.

Sunday before that (January 11) Scarlett was awarded (as mentioned in the last update) the Raising Star Award at the 15th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Saturday before (January 10) the quite prestigious Critics' Choice Awards took place and Scarlett was presenting the Best Film Clips. And was nominated for Best Actress actually, but went home empty-handed leaving the prize to Charlize Theron. Personally, I'd like to say something abut her hairdo: I really like it, it looks very beautiful and dreamy. I myself had almost the same hairdo when I was bridesmaid at my friend's wedding a year ago.

And on New Years Eve, Scarlett was out partying, at the 'M&M;'s Candy Black and White Launch Party on New Years Eve'. Thank you Janice from Lindsay Lohan.CC for the last two pics.

New Pictures from Magazines:
Parade, December 7, 2003 / The Observer Magazine, December 28, 2003 / GQ, January 2004 / The Sunday Times Culture, January 4, 2004 / SZ-Magazin (Germany), January 9, 2004 / MetroLife (UK), January 9-15, 2004 / Empire (UK), February 2004

Plenty of new pictures of Scarlett Johansson in 'The Perfect Score'. There's also an exclusive feature about the film at Yahoo!

Coming back to the Golden Globe awards on Sunday, there seems to be quite something going on about what Scarlett is going to wear. I remember Scarlett saying almost 2 years ago that the good thing about the Independent Spirit awards the day before Oscar is that everyone's wearing what they want. I couldn't really understand what she meant. But when I'm now reading things about the challenges Scarlett is facing when deciding what to wear to the Golden Globes, I completely understand. They say things like "she gets crash courses in image-making", "she has to wear somthing which combines her indie roots and yet looks glamourous" etc. They also say that the Golden Globes will be her first awards. So apparently all the other awards events don't count...

Anyway, Scarlett has chosen her dress already: "something long...ish - and sexy". That's what she said on the Sharon show. She also said who she's going to take with her. She said: "as much as I’d like to say I have a hot date, I’m actually going with my mom, and my agent, and my lawyer." She said her mom is the only person she can really talk to and say, "oh my god, she’s spilling out the sides [of her dress]" and that her agent and laywer are just fun to make fun of. Thank you Aly for your report on that. Also a big thank you to Steven for your reports on both shows. Read them in full length: The Sharon Osbourne Show and Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

My new affiliates:
Chloe Online / Lindsay Lohan.CC / Rave // Tiffani Thiessen / Totally Elle Fanning / Desiring Hayden / The Bloom Room / All Stars Online / Jewelicious Awards

Thursday, January 8, 2004
Scarlett will appear on TV again:
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Tuesday, January 13 on NBC
The Sharon Osbourne Show, syndicated: Thursday, January 15

On Sunday at the awards gala of the 15th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Scarlett Johansson will be awarded the festival's first ever Raising Star Award. Says chairman-elect Earl Greenburg in a statement: "We are very excited to be honoring Scarlett Johansson with the festival's first-ever Rising Star Award. (She) has already established herself as one of Hollywood's most versitile and talented young actresses."

MaryAnn Johanson, founding member of Cinemarati sent me an email about the 4th ANNUAL CINEMARATI AWARD NOMINATIONS. Scarlett is nominated twice in the category 'Best Lead Actress'). The final winners will be determined through a series of playoff-style votes. In the first round Scarlett is up against herself! LiT earned a total of 8 nominations and GwaPE 5 nominations. Read the complete message here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2004
New Pictures:

from unknown magazines / InStyle, January. Thanks Ali / French mag 'Studio' and German mag 'Madame' / New York Times Magazine / British Night & Day / Times Out New York / British You





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