Version #4
Name: Complex & Organised
Host: Crosswinds.Net
Online: August 20, 2003 - January 22, 2004
Although I really liked the previous layout I wanted to make a new one. Especially because I wanted to move the site to a new host so that the site would't have any pop up banners. And at a new server the links in the navigation to store and Allstarz.Org wouldn't be necessary anymore. Also, I wanted to come back to the wish I had at the very beginning: the layout to adjust to the visitor's screen resolution. Inspired by the now closed Anna Paquin Homepage I created this layout. What I later on didn't like: I wasn't able to add a section because every section is featured in the top navigation (which I couldn't just change)

Version #3
Name: Beautiful
Host: Allstarz.Org
Online: June 7, 2002 - August 19, 2003
In terms of looks this layout is probably my favourite. It featured some of my favourite photographs of Scarlett and for my limited graphic abilities I achieved quite something. I think the layout showed Scarlett as the natural beauty she is. But the layout was quite big - someone with a 800x600 screen resolution wasn't able to see the whole. And that's basically what made me do a new one. Something else I didn't like about the site in that period, were the constant pop up banners and the banners on top and bottom of each site.

Version #2
Name: More Ambitious
Host: FreeWebz.Com
Online: February 28, 2002 - June 6, 2002
My first attempt to make a visually more attractive layout. I really like the left part of the layout. The top part was in comparison to the previous layout excellent - but still it showed that an amateur made it. This is the first of two layouts that wouldn't adjust to the visitor's screen resolution. This one was rather too small. Due to rigorous bandwith limits (I didn't have that many visitors back then) I soon left my host. But the colours stayed for the next two layouts (reversed: text dark, background light)

Version #1
Name: Simple Blue
Hosts: GeoCities.Com / Crosswinds.Net
Online: August 10, 2001 - February 27, 2002
My first layout - I'm almost ashamed of it. I had been visiting many sites about celebrities and constantly thought of ways to make it better. Then I started 3 sites at GeoCities. First one about Anna Paquin, then one about Kate Winslet and then one about Scarlett. The Anna site started with the amateur PageBuilder followed by a similar layout as the one shown here - just in purple - and survived also the Crosswinds.Net, FreeWebz.Com and Allstarz.Org times but then I abandoned it. The Kate Winslet page started also with the PageBuilder and then got a pink layout - before being left by me. For Scarlett Johansson I tried a completely unknown host - also with PageBuilder - but closed it after a few days. After the Kate site was closed I started the Scarlett Johansson site with a blue version of the Anna layout. Well, so much about my starts. My wish for 'Dedicated to Scarlett Johansson': to be very organized, to be up-to-date, to feature everything I know about Scarlett (as long as it's not offensive etc) and the layout to adjust to the visitor's screen resolution. But of course my abilities to make the site visually attractive too had first to be obtained...

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