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In 'Just Cause' Sean Connery is Harvard law professor Paul Armstrong who used to be an attorney years ago. He is married to a quite young wife, who is a practicing attorney at law. They have a daughter - Kate which they adore. All in all, their lives are just perfect.

Until that letter comes....A black man has been arrested and sentenced to death. Tanny Brown - his name - claims to be innocent and asks Paul for legal represantation. He hopes that Paul will prove his innocence. So, Paul travels to the Everglades, hoping to be able to help Tanny.

It seems that the police officer who first handled the case was unjust, and may even be a rascist. Tanny's story proves that, as he's telling about terrible mistreatment by the police station, and especially by the officer in charge. More than ever, Paul wants to help the man. But he also gets to know the stories from the police officers.

It is a difficult situation for Paul, the professor who is accused of having lost touch with real life and thinking everything was as easy as at law school. And he is not part of the Southern society, so his questions are not well received. And it is known that Paul is against discrimination of black people. Is Tanny exploiting this or is he really innocent?

What I didn't like about the film is that Paul, an already older man, is married to a young woman and has a small daughter. It just doesn't feel real to me. But maybe that's just me. Apart from that, I liked the film. It was one of the first thriller I've watched, so I never knew what turn the story would take and I kept guessing who was right.

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