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The Island
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The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
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A Love Song For Bobby Long
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In Good Company
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Woody Allen Summer Project
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A Good Woman
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The Black Dahlia
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Un ardente desiderio per la recitazione, un talento sorprendente, una bellezza naturale ed il senso per i ruoli straordinari: Scarlett Johansson. Trova tutte le informazioni, le notizie e le foto sulla star dei film come L'amore tradotto, La ragazza con l'orecchino di perla, L'uomo che sussurrava ai cavalli.


More articles / The Island // THURSDAY, DEC 23, 2004
News The first Italian article on this site:
» Scarlett Diva (Max, Novembre)

Here are some more articles in English:
» StarStyle: Scarlett Fever (Now UK, September 22)
» Scarlett Johansson (Hello! UK, November 23)
» Budding Scarlett Johansson (The Big Issue, January 19-25)
The following have been completed (the final parts of the articles were missing so far):
» Lip Service (Dazed & Confused, October)
» Lost in Johansson (Cosmopolitan UK, October)

I've added more quotes to the site about 'In Good Company'.

SciFi had a report on 'The Island'. You can read the full report in the Forum. Here's a part of it: With a film like this, you go into it and oftentimes you have so many questions. 'I don't understand why this is. ... How do they figure out how to clone this adult? How do we get out?' There are a lot of 'What ifs?' ... But this script happened to be so incredibly solid. And I'm working with Ewan, who is just absolutely delicious and a wonderful, wonderful co-star. Working with Michael, I've never met a more focused director in my entire life. The man walks around with a lens in his pocket all the time. You'll be talking to him, and all of a sudden he'll be looking at you through a lens. You're like, 'What?' And he'll say, 'Move the camera here.' He's always thinking and in filmmaking mode.

French Studio: Scans and Article / Gallery update // WEDNESDAY, DEC 22, 2004
News The French movie magazine 'Studio' has published a cover story on Scarlett in their 'Hors SÚrie 2004' issue. See the pictures: Calvin Klein promotion. And the article (in French):

» Scarlett Johansson La Belle AnnÚe (Studio, Hors SÚrie 2004)
The interesting part: "..et j'ai deux ou trois scÚnarios qui me plaisent bien, notamment une histoire d'amour entre NapolÚon et une jeune fille... " She sais about directing: "I have two or three scenarios in mind that I like, especially a lovestory between Napoleon and a young girl." Doesn't that ring a bell? Napoleon and Betsy at announced projects.

There are quite a few HQ stills from 'A Love Song for Bobby Long': Stills and On Set. While 'The Island' is still being shot, there's already the first promotional still: View. Also, Nora has uploaded many more HQ pictures. New Images

Poll / 'In Good Company' Contest // TUESDAY, DEC 21, 2004
I've closed the poll. Since October 6, 365 votes have been cast. The question was 'Scarlett Johansson should work again with'. The winners are: 1. Bill Murray (26.8 %) 2. Thora Birch (12.6 %) 3. Colin Firth(8.2 %). Steve Buscemi, costar from 'Ghost World', who is currently indeed working again with Scarlett (on 'The Island') came in fourth, with 7.7 % of the votes. To see all the results go to previous polls. A new poll question has been set up: In your opinion which of these is the most interesting character?

In collaboration with SpecialOpsMedia on behalf of Universal Pictures, Dedicated to Scarlettt Johansson (SJ.Org) is proud to present you with the opportunity to win promotional items for 'In Good Company'. To learn more and to take part in the contest visit our Contest page.

Aspen Filmfest / No Jay Leno Show Appearance // TUESDAY, DEC 21, 2004
News Are you currently in Aspen - for holidays or otherwise? Then you might be interested in the 14th Annual Aspen Filmfest Academy Screenings. Open to everyone, this two-week extravaganza offers a sneak peek at some of the films everyone will be talking about come the Academy Awards.

Screening time 'In Good Company': Wednesday, December 22nd, 5:30 pm
Screening time 'A Love Song For Bobby Long': Sunday, December 26th, 2:30 pm

And apparently, Scarlett's appearance at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno coming Thursday has been cancelled.

New York Daily News has published a new article: Many shades of Scarlett. In it Scarlett talks about her upcoming roles, rumours & gossip, her appearance with the Pussycat Dolls and more.

Set Report 'The Island' // TUESDAY, DEC 21, 2004
News This is from MTV.Com: Scarlett Johansson, known for dramas like "Ghost World" and "Lost in Translation" and the upcoming "In Good Company" and "A Love Song for Bobby Long," is shooting her first big action movie, "The Island." "It's kind of crazy," Johansson said. "It's the new Michael Bay ('Pearl Harbor,' 'Armageddon') film and it's a huge science-fiction production, something I've never done before. Ewan McGregor, who happens to be the greatest guy in the world, is in it, and it's been a month of running and dashing all over the place and explosions and all that great stuff. But the script is really, really solid. It's kind of like a psychological science-fiction thriller romance. Can I say that again? Probably not." Sean Bean ("National Treasure") recently joined "The Island," about a harvested being and his attempt to escape the utopia where he lives. Bean, who played Boromir in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, recently finished "Flightplan" with Jodie Foster and "The Dark" with Maria Bello.

Media for 'In Good Company' // THURSDAY, DEC 16, 2004
News Kate Farber from SpecialOpsMedia sent me some stills from 'In Good Company'. Thank you. These are the direct links to view the trailer (please download with 'saving target as'):
Windows Media: 128 kb, 300 kb, 700 kb.
Quicktime: Low, Medium, High

Scarlett's Earrings // THURSDAY, DEC 16, 2004
News Do you like the earrings Scarlett was wearing at the Hollywood Film Festival (pics)? The great Belowen posted an interesting scan from the Australian WHO magazine in the Forum. It says the following about them:

Arts and Crafty Designers love dressing Scarlett Johansson, but lately the actress is adorning herself. "I made my earrings," she said at the LA premiere of A Love Song For Bobby Long. "I started making jewellery with my sister recently. We got sick of spending $300. You have no idea how much money it saves. Plus, you get exactly what you want. It's a great activity for obsessive-compulsive people like me."

Scarlett scared of Woody Allen // THURSDAY, DEC 16, 2004
News An interesting fact from ContactMusic.Com talking about Scarlett on the set of W.A.S.P.:

Scarlett Johansson was so terrified meeting her hero WOODY ALLEN on the set of his new movie, she nervously stumbled over her lines. The actress was delighted when she won a role in Allen's untitled British movie, but admits the overwhelming emotions she endured coming face-to-face with her idol temporarily muted her acting voice. She says, "On the first day I was working with Woody Allen, I was really, really nervous. I didn't know anything about him except that I adored his work. I walked onto the set on day one of filming in London and my first couple of takes were just horrible. "I was thinking, 'Oh, my God, that was awful, what on earth is going ion here?' Then I realised I was just nervous. I knew I just had to get over the feeling because there were five weeks of filming ahead of me, and I couldn't be nervous the whole time." And Allen himself helped Johansson battle her fears - because he's famously struggled with anxiety all his life. She adds, "Woody and I used to talk about it a lot - as you know, he's the expert on anxiety."

Premiere pictures / Vanity Fair January // WEDNESDAY, DIC 15, 2004
News I added many premiere pictures: See the photographs from the 'In Good Company' Premiere. That one took place on December 6. And then there are also the pictures of the Los Angeles premiere of 'A Love Song For Bobby Long' that was held last Monday.

And many press crews must have been devastated when they were denied a (previously given) permission to cover the latter event. Why? John Travolta became the subject of a hoax death threat when he attended the Hollywood film festival gala in October and his handlers weren't taking any chances on Monday.

And the official site for 'In Good Company' has been properly opened. It looks quite good. I especially like the music that is being played - a reason why I'd like to see the movie asap!

January 2005 issue of Vanity Fair has a report on the people who made the year 2004. Scarlett is one of them and you can see the new, quite daring, photograph here.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno // WEDNESDAY, DEC 15, 2004
News With 2 new movies coming out, Scarlett is appearing on Television again:
On Thursday, December 23, she'll appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. So, since I'm not able to watch it, reports of the show are very welcome.

Golden Globe / The Black Dahlia // WEDNESDAY, DEC 15, 2004
News More about the Golden Globe nomination: Her fellow nominees are: Nicole Kidman for 'Birth', Uma Thurman for 'Kill Bill (Vol. 2)', Imelda Staunton for 'Vera Drake' and Hilary Swank for 'Million Dollar Baby'. The awards are given out January 16, 2005.

Talking of Hilary Swank, she's Scarlett's new costar: Hilary joined the cast of 'The Black Dahlia' and will play the role of the dead ringer for the victim who became known as the Black Dahlia and proves a dangerous seductress to the cops. According to most recent information, shooting is to start April 4, 2005 in Bulgaria. Looks like the movie is going to be made after all.

Golden Globe Nomination // TUESDAY, DEC 14, 2004
News Fantastic news: Scarlett has been nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Actress - Drama for her performance as Pursy in 'A Love Song For Bobby Long'. Of course, we wish Scarlett luck, and really hope she wins!

Clips from Scarlett's new movies // TUESDAY, DEC 14, 2004
News To see clips from 'In Good Company' visit either Yahoo! Movies or IFilm. The latter has also interviews with the cast. To see clips from 'A Love Song For Bobby Long' visit also IFilm.

Both movies had their premieres already. Pictures for those are going to come soon!

New Layout and Affiliates // TUESDAY, DEC 14, 2004
News Here you go, the new layout! I hope you all like it, comments are as always very much appreciated. The film pages are here, but not yet complete... also the links in the video section haven't been updated. But I'm working on it, promised. Especially worth the visit is the 'A Love Song for Bobby Long' page, there are many more quotes from the people involved in the production plus the production story!

Additionally to Absolutely Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson Fan the following sites of Mel are now part of our affiliates: Sophisticated Lady, Siobhan Donaghy Net, NikkiReedOrg, Kate Beckinsale Online and Emmy Rossum Fan.

Holiday / Gallery update // VENERD╠, DIC 3, 2004
News Credevo che oggi sarei riuscita a terminare il nuovo lay out, ma non ho avuto il tempo di farlo.

Le nuove foto: In Good Company da Denchu e da me e 1 HQ per la conferenza stampa di ALSFBL, infine foto di Scarlett che celebra i suoi 20 anni a Disneyland.

Vado in vacanza per un po'. Ci rivediamo tra circa una settimana - spero con il nuovo lay out! Sino ad allora Julio risponderÓ alle vostre domande ed il forum sarÓ fonte di news!



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