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Nominees bask in Globes' golden glow
Variety, December 18, 2003
By Steven Gaydos, Denise Martin and Josef Adalian

Double nominee Scarlett Johansson phoned from her makeup chair on the set of feature "A Good Woman," lensing in Italy. "I am supposed to look emotionally distressed for my next scene," she told Daily Variety. "There is mascara running down my cheek, but ironically the only real tears I can muster are happy ones.

Johansson, who nabbed actress nominations in the drama and comedy categories, respectively, for "Girl With a Pearl Earring" and "Lost in Translation," said she had planned on watching the Golden Globes at home with her dad. "I thought the only decision I would have to make that night would be between pizza and Chinese," she said. "Now I will have a whole new set of decisions to make: For one, what am I going to wear?"

Contrasting her two very different roles, she said: "They could not have differed more. One minute I am in Tokyo with the 'Lost' crew working at a harried pace and 10 days later I find myself in a 17th-century film holding a mop and broom."

Johansson has best of both worlds
The Hollywood Reporter, December 19, 2003
By Ian Mohr

NEW YORK -- When Scarlett Johansson's name came up for not one, but two Golden Globe nominations Thursday morning, the actress was thrust into the spotlight as Hollywood's hottest ingenue.

Johansson grabbed a best lead in a musical or comedy for Focus Features' "Lost in Translation" as well as best actress in a drama for Lions Gate Films' "Girl With a Pearl Earring."

"Scarlett is the story of the year in movies," enthused Lions Gate Films Releasing president Tom Ortenberg. "We are extremely proud to be associated with her. She's just a terrific young actress and young lady."

After getting an "are-you-sitting-down?" phone call from her mother with news of two Golden Globes nominations, Hollywood's newest "it" girl, who was filming "A Good Woman" in Rome, suddenly became homesick.

"It's kind of strange because the only place I want to be right now is in Los Angeles with my mom," said the 19-year-old actress in between takes. But help was nearby, at least in liquid form: "They've just ordered lots of champagne," she added, "which is on its way."

Johansson's dual nomination is not unprecedented, but it is rare. In 1999, Julianne Moore was nominated as best actress in a comedy for "An Ideal Husband," while copping a best dramatic actress nomination for "The End of the Affair." And back in 1977, Diane Keaton pulled off a similar coup, snaring nominations for both her dramatic work in "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" and comedy stylings in "Annie Hall," for which she won a Golden Globe and went on to take home an Oscar.

In "Lost" Johansson plays a disillusioned newlywed who finds an unexpected bond with a fading Hollywood star (Bill Murray) in a Tokyo hotel. "Earring" is a fictional exploration of Dutch master Johannes Vermeer, and the enigmatic subject of his most famous portrait.

"It was amazing that she was nominated in two categories. I think these are her first adult roles. Before, she played teenagers because she's so young, and now she is being taken seriously," said "Lost" helmer Sofia Coppola, who also was nominated for best director, along with Peter Jackson, Peter Weir, Clint Eastwood and Anthony Minghella.

As to whether Johansson is torn between which role she prefers in the two very different projects, her mind was on other issues: "Right now I'm just torn between which designer I want to go to to make my dress," she said.

Before getting back to work on the set of the Oscar Wilde adaptation "Good Woman," Johansson demurely gave props to distributors Focus and Lions Gate before giving credit where credit is due. "I worked my ass off to make both of these films," she exclaimed, "and I am really proud of them."

'Mountain' Top
New York Post Online, December 19, 2003
by Megan Lehmann

"It Girl" Scarlett Johansson got two nominations - for the drama "Girl With a Pearl Earring" and for the comedy "Lost in Translation." "It's the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me," said Johansson from Sorrento, where she's shooting the drama "A Good Woman." "I'm still shaking in my shoes here on the set in Italy."

The Globes, voted for by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, will be presented on Jan. 25, two days before Oscar nominations are announced.

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