Match Point

Release Year: 2005
Role: Nola Rice
Director: Woody Allen
Writing Credits: Woody Allen
Tagline: Passion Temptation Obsession
Co-Stars: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Emily Mortimer, Matthew Goode, Brian Cox, Penelope Wilton
Genre: Drama/Romance
Country USA/UK
Rating: R
Runtime: 124 min
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Chris Wilton, a young tennis instructor, becomes involved with a wealthy family, one member of which he's teaching tennis. This leads to his rise in the world of upper class people and his subsequent romantic involvement with two women. A clandestine affair follows, leading him into a ever deepening quagmire until the only way out for him is to contemplate doing away with one of the women.

"Woody Allen has done it again! The filmmaker brought his latest film Match Point to the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday evening and I do not stand alone in saying it is one of his best films in years. That may not mean much given Allen's track record of late, but the advanced rumors that Match Point was a "masterpiece" were right on target." -J. Sperling Reich

  • This is set to be Woody's first film to be shot entirely in England.
  • Kate Winslet was originally cast in this film, but backed out in order to spend more time with her family.