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Scarlett plays Ashley Parker the about 16 year old daughter of Sam Parker. The two of them have a typical mother-daughter-conflict. Nothing too serious, but still not very good. Ashley hates the way her mother is always telling her what to do. She knows herself what she's doing. But despite that she's glad that her mother gave her something to use in an emergency, it's also of some use on the run from the spiders.

In this film Scarlett can't show her acting skills like in The Horse Whisperer or Ghost World but she plays the teenage daughter as well as it's possible - and looks beautiful. The scenes in which she's frightened and attacked by a spider are very believable. To portray that fear must have been difficult for Scarlett because while shooting it, there was nothing dangerous. Scarlett finds throughout the film the right balance in her performance and never seems to be too hysteric or unrealistic.

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