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about her role
I play this sort of sarcastic teenager, you know, the teenager that's like "AHHH, A SPIDER," and "OH, SPIDER GUTS!" I like to play all kinds of roles and I always joke with Dean and say, "this is a big jump from the Horse Whisperer," and he'd say, "Oh yeah, but this is just as hard." It is quite challenging to run from something that's not there. Like why would I feel if this giant spider were like coming at my face? What kind of reaction is that? You have a PA in the back saying "grrrrrr," and he has a sandwich in one hand and he's coming at you.

what she does in the film
Scream a lot. Scream and run. And be a sarcastic teenager. I'm a pretty good screamer. I'm good at being a sarcastic teenager. But the whole running thing. I just don't like running.

about the title 'Eight Legged Freaks'
I think the good part about it is that it portrays the film the way it is, which is very campy but also scary and gross. I mean, there's a lot of spider guts and bodies decaying, things like that…but all in this campy kind of way. I think that's the great thing about Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, who produced it. They did Godzilla, Independence Day and The Patriot. When you take a film like Godzilla, it's kind of a funny thing, but it's also scary because you see it and you're like "Oh my God, what would I do in that situation?" So that's kind of how I feel about it, I am excited for it to come out.

about the title 'Arac Attack‘ (the previous title)
Haha! That's so funny! I mean I'm sorry but maybe it's a little politically incorrect to laugh at but I think that it's a funny thing because people used to ask me when I first got the project like, "Iraq Attack? Oh my God, what is that about? Do you play a refugee?" and I'm like, "No. ARAC, like ARACHNID." I always thought that was so funny and now they actually had to change it.

about David Arquette
He's great! He's such a nice guy. He's like a kid, you know? He'd like play video games and order chicken wings to the set and hang out. He's a very nice guy and he has such great timing. He's so out there, it's just hysterical.

about Kari Wuhrer
Kari is closer to my age than most of the people who have played my mom. It makes a difference. People would say, "That’s your mom? You look like you’re sisters." Who’s the one who is supposed to make out with David Arquette here? She has one scene where she’s very stern and I have one where I’m a little rebellious. For the rest of the film it’s all about the spiders. We always had a good time. We could have girlie talks, more about being two women than a mother/daughter.

Dean Devlin (Producer)
Johansson knows to portray Ashley with just the right amount of seriousness and sympathie. These characteristics crucially contribute to knocking our hearts really up to the neck when she gets in danger. !more to come soon!

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