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Lucy Movie - Scarlett... Lucy - 2014
  Lucy Movie Soundtrack - Lucy Movie Pictures
Chef Movie - Scarlett... Molly - 2014
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie - Scarlett... Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow - 2014
Her Movie - Scarlett... Samantha (Scarlett's voice) - 2013
Under the Skin Movie - Scarlett... Laura - 2013
Don Jon's Addiction Movie - Scarlett... Barbara - 2013
  Don Jon Movie Pictures
Hitchcock Movie - Scarlett.


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Janet Leigh - 2013
  Hitchcock Movie Pictures
The Avengers Movie - Scarlett... Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow - 2012
We Bought a Zoo Movie - Scarlett ... Kelly Foster - 2011
Iron Man 2 Movie - Scarlett... Natalie Rushman / Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow - 2010
  Iron Man 2 Movie Pictures
Mary Queen of Scots Movie - Scarlett ... Mary, Queen of Scots - 2008
The Spirit Movie - Scarlett ... Silken Floss - 2008
Vicky Cristina Barcelona Movie - Scarlett ... Christina - 2008
The Other Boleyn Girl Movie - Scarlett ... Mary Boleyn - 2007
The Nanny Diaries Movie - Scarlett ... Annie Braddock - 2007
Scoop Movie - Scarlett ... Sondra Pransky - 2006
The Prestige Movie - Scarlett ... Olivia - 2006
The Black Dahlia Movie - Scarlett ... Kay Lake - 2006
Match Point Movie - Scarlett ... Nola Rice - 2005
Match Point Movie Pictures
The Island Movie - Scarlett ... Jordan Two Delta / Sarah Jordan - 2005
  The Island Movie Pictures
In Good Company Movie - Scarlett ... Alex Foreman - 2004
The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie - Scarlett ... Mindy (voice) - 2004
A Good Woman Movie - Scarlett ... Meg Windermere - 2004
A Love Song for Bobby Long Movie - Scarlett ... Pursy Will - 2004
The Perfect Score Movie - Scarlett ... Francesca Curtis - 2004
Girl with a Pearl Earring Movie - Scarlett ... Griet - 2003
Lost in Translation Movie - Scarlett ... Charlotte - 2003
Eight Legged Freaks Movie - Scarlett ... Ashley Parker - 2002
An American Rhapsody Movie - Scarlett ... Suzanne Sandor - 2001
Ghost World Movie - Scarlett ... Rebecca - 2001
The Man Who Wasn't There Movie - Scarlett ... Rachael Abundas (Birdy) - 2001
My Brother the Pig Movie - Scarlett ... Kathy Caldwell - 1999
The Horse Whisperer Movie - Scarlett ... Grace MacLean - 1998
Home Alone 3 Movie - Scarlett ... Molly Pruitt - 1997
Fall Movie - Scarlett ... Little Girl - 1997
Manny and Lo Movie - Scarlett ... Amanda 'Manny' - 1996
If Lucy Fell Movie - Scarlett ... Emily - 1996
Just Cause Movie - Scarlett ... Kate Armstrong - 1995
North Movie - Scarlett ... Laura Nelson - 1994
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  Break Up Album
Scarlett Relator song
Scarlett Wear and Tear song
Scarlett I Don't Know What to Do song
Scarlett Search Your Heart song
Scarlett Blackie's Dead song
Scarlett I Am the Cosmos song
Scarlett Shampoo song
Scarlett Clean song
Scarlett Someday song
  Anywhere I Lay My Head Album
Scarlett Fawn song
Scarlett Town with No Cheer song
Scarlett Falling Down song
Scarlett Anywhere I Lay My Head song
Scarlett Fannin Street song
Scarlett Song for Jo song
Scarlett Green Grass song
Scarlett I Wish I Was in New Orleans song
Scarlett I Don't Wanna Grow Up song
Scarlett No One Knows I'm Gone song
Scarlett Who Are You song
Scarlett Before my time song
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Scarlett looks fantastic on first outing since giving birth
Scarlett to star in Custom of the country limited series for Sony TV
Scarlett 's Lucy Opens Strong in Russia
Scarlett Johansson pregnant, expecting first child
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Just six months after getting engaged to Romain Dauriac, Scarlett has more happy news to share; she�s pregnant!

The Her star, Scarlett Johansson, is expecting her first child with the French journalist, Romain Dauriac.
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Scarlett and Romain Dauriac ... boyfriend
  Scarlett engaged to Romain Dauriac after whirlwind nine-month relationship

Scarlett Johansson has been dating Romain for about ten months and they went public with their relationship back in November 2012 when they stepped out at the premiere of her film Hitchcock.

Romain Dauriac is a french Journalist and he reportedly proposed to Scarlett about a month ago with a beautiful Art Deco ring.

Romain Dauriac is the former editor of the French magazine Clark, which specializes in urban art. Currently, he is the manager of a creative agency.
Scarlett and Jack Antonoff ... ex boyfriend
Scarlett and Ryan Reynolds ... ex husband
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Scarlett is an American actress, model and singer.
Scarlett named #6 on Maxim magazines Hot 100 Women list in 2006.
Scarlett made her film debut in North movie in 1994.
Scarlett campaigned for Democratic candidate John Kerry in the 2004 United States presidential election.
Scarlett was born in New York City on November 22, 1984.
Scarlett is of Danish, Polish, and Jewish descent.
Scarlett favorite directors are Tim Burton, Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese.
Scarlett has been chosen as the face of L'Oreal by January 2006.
Scarlett was in a relationship with Ryan Reynolds from February 2007 to 5 May 2008.
Scarlett favorite designers are Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Chanel.
Scarlett was in a relationship with Josh Hartnett from December 2004 to November 2006.
Scarlett favorite musicians are Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Rosemary Clooney, Nina Simone, Chet Baker, Edith Piaf and Anita O'Day.
Scarlett named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire Magazine in 2006.
Scarlett was offered the role of Evey in V for Vendetta.
Scarlett is a Global Ambassador for the aid and development agency, Oxfam.
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