The Scarlett attraction

Bugs Online, December 30, 2003

IT is confirmed - she is the latest darling of Tinseltown. Scarlett Johansson has not one but two movies out - Lost in Translation and Girl with a Pearl Earring - and both are being hailed by critics and fans alike. She has also garnered a nomination each for her performances at the Golden Globes recently in the best actress for drama and best actress for musical or comedy categories. What's amazing about all this is that she's only 19 while the characters she brought to life in these films are more mature.

When asked by Premiere (December 2003) how she avoids getting cast in roles that teenagers are expected to be cast in, like, erm ... "You mean the movies where the cheerleader marries the prom king and then is diagnosed with MS and becomes the pro tennis player at the local college?"

Yup, that's it.

"I was always lucky, I just did my own thing," was her reported answer.

We bugs laid our eyes on her first in The Horse Whisperer. With Robert Redford, Sam Neill and gorgeous horses in that film, who has time to notice a troubled little girl. We continued to overlook her in critically acclaimed films such as Ghost World and The Man Who Wasn't There. But some of us quickly noticed just how grown-up the husky-voiced teen was in Eight-Legged Freaks.

Now not a word on our taste in movies. Anyway, we went surfing for any site on this new sweetheart (the terms of endearment will continue throughout this article ) and was amazed to see others have been more informative than us.

We turned our attention to one website that referred to her as The Lovely Scarlett Johansson ( dream/sj.html). there are four buttons you can choose to go to the next page - News, Bio, Pics and Home. To our disappointment, the site has not been renewed since 2001 when Ghost World was released. Check out the "pics" button only if you are interested in seeing how this girl looked like not too long ago.

We next visited Dedicated to Scarlett Johansson ( that offers to view the page in Deutsch, Spanish or English. This turns out to be a good site as it is crammed with the latest information and is quite beautifully laid out. we learned that she is currently on the set in Italy for the film Good Woman and her next film, The Perfect Score, is set for release on Jan 30 in the United States. According to this site, the sweetie was born in New York, on Nov 22, 1984. Her father is an architect and her mother now scans all of her scripts. She has an older sister, an older brother and, get this, a twin brother named Hunter.

In the trivia section it says she taught herself to read by four and by three discovered acting. at seven she that acting could be her profession. At eight, she made her professional acting debut in an off-Broadway production, Sophistry. Her screen debut came in North starring Bruce Willis. It is also stated here that Robert Redford said this of his young co-star: "Scarlett is 13 going on 30." For The Horse Whisperer she received a number of recognitions from various associations. The site lists out all the articles that have been written about the actress from 1998 till now.

One article caught our eye, Britain's edition of Esquire with the headline "Hot Lips". Under the sub-header titled "The Face takes a little working out" was this paragraph which described the precious' face.

"You only make sense of it when you understand that every major feature is gorgeously out of proportion. The eyes are pools, clear, blue and alert. The nose is an un-sculpted lump of clay that is not in the least pretty. The lips are just pure and simple indecent. They are so full and succulent that they could drip. In a shameless exploitation of her finest asset, Scarlett smokes Capris, the world's slimmest cigarette. As she inhales, the stick looks like a lollipop in a giant's mouth."

The site also boasts a large collection of photos.

Scarlett Johansson Rising Star ( features soundbytes that scared the hell out of us as it comes on suddenly and her voice is so unlike a teenager's.

But seriously, we were so impressed with Dedicated that we did not bother to look at other sites.

To end this tribute to this gorgeous and talented actress we'd like to quote actor Colin Firth who stars as artist Johannes Vermeer in Girl with a Pearl Earring. "(She is) alive and intelligent and communicative. She treated me with a fairly healthy disrespect."

Sounds like a normal teenager to us.