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I know my love won't last

Now! (UK), February 9, 2005
By James Ashwood

Scarlett Johansson is dating Hollywood heartthrob Jared Leto, but she says she expects their film work will stop them from becoming a permanent couple

Scarlett Johansson predicts that her relationship with boyfriend Jared Leto will 'probably not last,' because their working schedules will take them to different parts of the world.

'It's a fact of life that in my business it's almost impossible to keep a relationship permanent,' she says. 'I get upset at the thought because I know that it can lead to loneliness.

'But another part of me has to accept that's the way things are going to be. I'm already an independent girl and I've got used to doing things in my own way.' Scarlett, 20, has been dating Alexander star Jared, 33, best known as the former boyfriend of Cameron Diaz, since last summer. And it's far from over - yet.

'He's very special,' she says. 'I've always been interested in older men because of their experience and lived-in look. He's seen a lot of life growing up and didn't have an easy time of it. He came to Los Angeles with nothing - now look at him.

'If you work at it, with a lot of good luck, acting can be a great way to live and earn a living. But it can also be cruel and lonely, so you have to think hard about what you're doing.'

Scarlett, who describes herself as a 'woman trapped in a girl's body,' also cheekily admits that she could fall for a man even older than Jared.

Her character had an intense, non-sexual relationship with Bill Murray's ageing actor in Lost In Translation. She's now playing Dennis Quaid's daughter in the forthcoming In Good Company.

`When you're around guys in their fifties, like Bill and Dennis, you can definitely see why young girls go for older men,' she says. 'I would do it myself and even fall in love.

'It would never last, of course. But that doesn't mean it wouldn't be worth it. I'm very liberal about such things. A liberal, modern girl, with an older head on her shoulders - that's me,' says Scarlett, who's the new face of Calvin Klein's fragrance Eternity Moment.

She also took a liking to John Travolta, married to actress Kelly Preston, when they worked together in A Love Song For Bobby Long, to be released later this year.

'He's already a legend,' she says. 'But he remains so likeable and approachable. He clearly loves his wife and family and is devoted to them as much as he is to acting.

'He seems to be a man who knows exactly where his priorities lie. Again, it's about confidence and assurance. That, in itself, is attractive.'

Scarlett's experience with the old boys has made her fairly scathing about boys of her own age. 'I had a couple of teen boyfriends,' she says. 'I had my first love and that was great. I grew out of them, though. 'Now, when I'm approached by guys of my own age, it all seems so immature. They don't know what to say and I don't know how to react when they eventually say something. It all seems so forced and false.

'I've actually had someone come up and say: "Nice tits!" Do they actually think that's going to be the start of a wonderful conversation that's going to lead anywhere? As if I'm going to go: "Oh, you're so attractive - let's get to know each other."

'There's only so much you can say or do. So most of my moments have been with older men. But I'm not widely experienced, if you know what I mean.'

But was it true she tried to take Jake Gyllenhaal from his then girlfriend Kirsten Dunst? 'False,' she says. How about trying to chat up Mariah Carey's ex-boyfriend, baseball star Derek Jeter? 'We met at some event and it went no further,' she says.

Was it true that she had sex in an elevator with 37-year-old actor Benicio Del Toro? 'That's what's so crazy about these rumours,' she says.'Has anyone tried to have sex in an elevator? It would have to be over in 10 seconds.'

But she does admit that she and Benicio enjoyed some 'warm moments - both in the elevator and out of it,' after meeting at the Oscars last March. The relationship ended almost immediately.

Her twin brother Hunter, born three minutes after Scarlett, is often mistaken for a new man on her arm. ' We don't look alike, so that adds to speculation,' she says. 'He's very tall and dark.

'My parents separated about seven years ago. Dad lives in NewYork and Mum lives in Los Angeles. There are four of us brothers and sisters. I'm the youngest with my twin and the oldest is 28. There's also a half-brother.

'But we all look after each other pretty well and that gives me a feeling of security. I don't feel as if I have to deal with all this completely on my own. I'm still young and dorky, after all.'

Despite Scarlett treating herself to a new two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in Los Angeles and a sleek BMW Z4 sports car, she insists that she spends most of her nights at home watching television.

In Good Company finds Scarlett playing someone younger for the first time in her film career, which she launched in 1994 with North.

Her character Alex is supposed to be 18 and the much-protected daughter of a senior sales executive, played by Dennis Quaid. But he's the wrong side of 50 and under pressure when his company's taken over by a group of youthful, ruthless executives.

He just about clings on to his job, despite being demoted by the new boss, played by Topher Grace. But his humiliation is worsened when he discovers that his new boss has also started a relationship with his beloved daughter.

'It is all about insecurity, the problems of ageing and the awkwardness of relationships,' says Scarlett. 'It's part comedy and part drama, and the older guys do pretty well in the end.'

Scarlett, though, is proving that youth is a winner. She's starred in seven major movies since Lost In Translation became such a hit. 'The fact that I've had time for any relationship at all is a triumph,' she says. 'I just hope it continues for as long as it can.'

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