Scarlett Johansson - Most Un-Typecastable Teen Talent

Movieline, November 2001

Profession: Actress and high school senior

Residence: New York City

Former Résumé Toppers: Was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award in 1997 for the indie drama Manny & Lo and portrayed the troubled Grace in Robert Redford's The Horse Whisperer.

But Autograph Hounds remember: "Home Alone 3. That's kind of depressing. Not that I have any shame!"

Proof to College Admissions Commitees that she's on an upward Trajectory: After costarring in last summer's sleeper hit Ghost World with Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi, Johansson starred in the arthouse bildungsroman An American Rhapsody opposite Nastassja Kinski.

Coming Attraction:The Coen brother's 1940s-set noir The Man Who Wasn't There, in which she portrays Birdy, "a little ballbuster" who bangs out Beethoven for Billy Bob Thornton's crestfallen barber.

O Brothers, Weird Art Thou? "I thought the Coens were going to be really, really crazy, but they turned out to be quite normal, actually - other than that Ethan would do the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle in, like, an hour.

Did the Script make her wish she were a fortysomething guy? "I wish I could play Billy Bob's part, right! But I was just lucky. What are the chances of the Coen brothers writing a role for a 16-year-old girl in their next film?"