Scarlet Woman

Megastar, January 5, 2004
By Phil Kemp

Scarlet to top A-list in 2004

We're probably all going to tire of her before long. But for now, there's not a chance

The Hollywood It-Girl in question is Scarlet Johansson - flavour of the week, month and other cliches.

And she's ONLY 19, you'll soon get bored of everyone saying.

The Times plays catch-up (think broadsheets-latch-onto-The-Darkness-style) with a feature on the inner tube-lipped Noo Yoik big screen belle du jour.

You old mum will have heard of her soon, you see, with two major film releases imminent - Girl With A Pearl Earring and the lavishly-praised Lost In Translation.

The latter, co-starring king of hangdog Bill Murray, will push the actress to the top of the A-list. And the Times reckons it's not without good reason...

Catching up with the lovely at London's down-at-heel Dorchester shelter for visiting Hollywood stars, the paper gushes: "Scarlett Johansson is, as they say, the bomb," gushes the paper. "She's got it all: looks, brains, a killer voice, attitude and a career in the ascendancy."

Come on loves, that's a given. She's hardly going to be an A-List munter, now, is she? Probe a little deeper, please.

Flopping onto a chintz sofa in one of the hotel's suites, Johansson is top-to-toe street cred: jeans tucked into Ugg boots, powder-pink batwing sweater and diamanté-encrusted pink shades.

"Her face is simply ginger-peachy: alabaster skin, green eyes and a mouth to die for. It's perfectly pink and pouty, pure sex.

"Think Lauren Bacall, only more so. But can she act? And how."

OK, OK. You tried, but sometimes you've got to admit defeat.

Johansson's going to have the same effect on millions of lesser mortals before the year's out.