Scarlett Woman

Glamour UK, September 2004
by Becci Field

She's won a Bafta, Golden Globe nominations and the coveted contract as the face of Calvin Klein's new fragrance... Here, Scarlett Johansson tells GLAMOUR's Becci Field why she's taking it all in her stride

As I meet Scarlett in her suite at the plush Gansevoort Hotel in the heart of New York's super-trendy Meatpacking district, I don't feel like I'm about to interview the silver screen's hottest property. Maybe it's the way her body language instantly puts me at ease - curled up kittenlike on the sofa, dressed head-to-toe in Calvin Klein basics - or maybe it's the way she's cooing over my handbag before I've even sat down. Whatever it is, the girl with those incredible pouty lips, Monroe-blonde hair and satin-like skin is definitely not showing any indication of the diva-esque behaviour she's been accused of in the press of late. As far as experiences go, Scarlett's had plenty in the past year. But she seems remarkably unfazed by all the hype and obsession surrounding her right now. "When we were shooting [Lost in Translation], I don't know that we ever thought anybody would go and see it - it was like we were making a movie for ourselves. Then, suddenly, it turned into this little success... then this big success! I never expected it." And for a mere 19-year-old who has been catapulted to stardom so quickly she shows an uncanny sense of maturity. "It's an adjustment, you know, every day is an adjustment and, yes, you find things are different. One thing I've learned is to avoid reading negative press about myself - it's really hard, because you immediately want to know what's being said about you. It's quite amazing the amount of negative things that get written or said and that just aren't true. But I know who I am and so do the people around me, so I can almost pretend it's not there. I try to just get on and do the things I always did, like go out to eat, go to the movies, to museums and shop."

And how the girl loves to shop. There aren't many teenagers who can intimately reel off designers the way Scarlett can - you instantly get the feeling her wardrobe is crammed full of their creations. "I love Alexander McQueen, Alberta Ferretti, of course there's Stella [McCartney] and Balenciaga - oh, and Calvin's just made me a bunch of beautiful dresses, some of which are currently my favourites." And there's also Prada, which she wore to the Baftas, spawning numerous comparisons with Marilyn Monroe. But the whole thing was, says Scarlett, something of an accident: "The [Prada] dress at the Baftas felt very '50s and I kind of went with that. I don't know that I necessarily went for the Monroe look - but I knew I wanted to look every bit the movie star. My hair was already that blonde, so I was working with what I had, and I guess it worked." And when she's not working the red carpet, what are the staples in her wardrobe? "It's very important for me to feel comfortable, I wear a lot of jeans - I live in them! One of the perks of doing the Calvin Klein campaign is I get tailored Calvin jeans, which are great. But I also have a lot of old jeans - I love vintage Levi's. I guess to sum up my style, all I can say is that I'm from New York and I think New Yorkers are fashionable people, and I have a New York sense of style." Like all girls, Scarlett has her favourite shopping haunts. "There's a great store in LA called Max Field, which is fabulous, as they carry great designers. Then, if you're in New York, there's Barney's and their great shoe department." And in London? "Oh, there are so many wonderful vintage stores there. I found some of the best tribal jewellery in Camden and I love finding cool little boutiques in Covent Garden."

Luckily for a girl with Scarlett's expensive taste in clothes, she's got plenty of work on the go. "Well, I've just wrapped a film called Synergy. I play the kind of girl I could have been if I didn't have this job or choose this path. She's a New York University student, she's my age and she's a junior tennis champion - she's very cool, very relaxed and very honest. And then I'm doing a film in August called The Black Dahlia, and then there's Mission Impossible 3. I'd love to work with Robert De Niro - oh, and Johnny Depp. I'd also like to direct a film - I definitely want to do that in the next couple of years. And hopefully I'll still be with Calvin Klein in five years - I'm staying until they're sick of me!"

Scarlett's beauty & fashion secrets

"I always use Shiseido ant-ageing moisturisers. My make-up artists say, 'Don't use these yet, as you won't have anything to use when your skin is aging!' But I'm like, 'No, I'm preventing ageing by using it now'."

"I love having blonde hair and I keep it in good condition with Kérastase products - they put life back into my hair."

"I always travel with a great body moisturiser - I love Vaseline Intensive Care."

"Working out? What's that? I walk a lot - that's my workout. I eat in moderation and try not to eat bread after noon. I have a young metabolism, so I don't think about diet too much."

"To feel glamorous, everyone needs a red lipstick - even if you're sick, it makes you look great and you don't need any other make-up."

"I always travel with my manicure stuff. I'm compulsive about my nails, especially at 3am!"

"I always have a flesh-coloured thong handy and I always check in the mirror to make sure nothing is see-through. Ther's nothing worse than seeing a paparazzi photograph of yourself and thinking, 'Ouch, I can see my underwear'!"

"I'm loving tank tops and layering cotton tops and I've just got the Calvin Klein lizard pumps - they're fabulous."