Travolta flying Johansson to Africa

ContactMusic, November 25, 2003

JOHN TRAVOLTA got on with rising star SCARLETT JOHANSSON so well on the set of their new movie, the actor's promised to personally fly her to Africa to have lunch. The 18-year-old actress loved shooting A LOVE SONG FOR BOBBY LONG with the PULP FICTION star because of the fantastic chemistry between them, and Johansson can't wait for Travolta - who is a fully qualified pilot - to take her off in his private plane. She says, "The two of us are so excited to be on a film set together. We bring good stuff out of each other. We make each other feel like it's one big shindig. "I'm dying to on his plane. He promised to take me to Africa for lunch - and everyone tells me he always keeps his promises. I'm a lucky girl!"